Thursday, August 4, 2011

What's Buggin' You?

Day Three of Blog Challenge:  What are your five top pet peeves?

You mean I can only pick five?  Just kidding, I'm a pretty easy-going person and I don't have hundreds.  But the ones that I do have a deep-rooted.  Some are small and silly, some a HUGE.

The top five things that drive me beserk, from small to big:

1.  Not putting food back in cabinets.  For example, the cereal box after you're finished pouring a bowl.  Although then I have to be irritated with myself, because I famously leave out the peanut butter almost every day!

2.  Stuff that at doesn't belong in the dryer going there.  I tend to get a little testy when I find my sweaters or a bra in the dryer.

3.  Bad grammar and spelling.  Wait, let me clarify:  It's OK to not have great spelling skills.  But if you know that your spelling skills aren't up to par, take the time to proofread!!  Sometimes it's tough to live in the age of texting.  But really, text talk belongs in texts, and nowhere else.

4.  Going to the beach or the park, and seeing a kid running around with a sunburn.  In this day and age where many places offer sunscreen, there really is no excuse.

5.  People who blame everything on everyone else, but don't take any of the blame.  At some point, you have to take some control over your life and be responsible for what you want to get out of it.  You're bored?  Not happy with how things are turning out?  Do something about it.  I'm not talking about venting, or periods of unhappiness, I'm taking about perpetual victims of society.

Talk to me:  what bugs you?

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