Monday, October 26, 2015

Birthday Madness

Another year has passed and my older boy is now 9.  NINE!!!  Seriously, it blows my mind.  How did that sweet little baby grow up into this tall, handsome third grader?  This kiddo is tall for his age and almost fits into my shoes.  In another year I can borrow his sneakers if I want to.  (Probably not.)

We celebrated with a family dinner on his actual birthday, and then had a birthday party with his friends yesterday.  Man.....having a party with ten 3rd and 4th graders running around the house for three hours is INSANE.  Some of that is planning on my part.  I'm not the greatest at party-planning.  I mean, I went shopping for the goody bags only three hours before the kids were due to arrive. Pinterest Mom, I am not.  You can't put together a great goody bag on that kind of notice.  But "Last-Minute Lisa..."  that's how I roll.  So instead, it was a straight-up candyfest.  Hey, we're just prepping those kiddos for Halloween!  They loved the idea of an ice cream sundae bar instead of a birthday cake.  And who wouldn't!!

By time everyone left I just dropped into my comfy chair, exhausted.
The birthday boy had a good day though, but was bummed that not all of his friends got along.  He really is a peacekeeper, and watching two girls fight because they didn't like each other was tough.  It probably doesn't help that he's admitted to me and his grandmother that he's in love with one of them.  (Dear Lord....and with nine brings puppy love.)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Piles Upon Piles

It's October.....and my yarn is organized.

Christmas gifts are going on and off the needles and it's all coming together.

Until it isn't.

Hopefully it's just a bump in the yarn pile.  I'm very good at  biting off more than I can chew, but somehow making it work.  It usually works out but having so many projects going at a time is stressful!  Just looking at the pile of "stuff to block" and unfinished projects on my living room table is......ugh.

Thank goodness this is a long weekend coming up.  Lots planned, but definitely some knitting time.  It's time for make-or-break.