Saturday, August 6, 2011

Full Stocks

In cleaning up a bit today, I had another pair of mittens to pin together and put away for charity.  I keep two plastic Rubbermaid bins in the closet in Sean's room for stuff that I knit for either charity or Christmas gifts.  Well, they're both full to the gills.   (Why store them in Sean's room?  His closet was the only one that had any room.  Storage space in this house is minimally ridiculous.)  I knit mittens from stash yarn, mostly leftovers from projects that I have already completed.  Once I get to a baker's dozen I'll ship these sweeties off to Knit for Boston, along with a couple of stash hats that I've made.  There are also a couple of baby blankets and some pink baby-girl hats for Stitches from the Heart put together, I plan on sending them after Christmas.

I have so, so many things I want to knit before the end of the year!  According to my little widget, I've knit about six and a half miles already since January first.  WOW!!  And I only add projects to that widget once they're finished, so with half a sweater and a few other things on the needles, I've done even more.  I still have at least two Christmas gifts to go, plus a couple of babies on the way.  And I know that I said that I would never make any animals or amigurimi, but Will fell in love with a stuffed snake toy at Webs, so I want to make him one for his birthday.

Hmm.  Think I need to plan on buying another box.  :)

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