Thursday, November 13, 2014

Totally Random Thursday

Since my mind's a bit disorganized, a random post it will be...

-I've got the first cold of the season.  I'm hoping it's the last but I'm not that naive.

-Tomorrow's parent-teacher conferences for my son's class.  While things are not perfect, I'm still in awe over how much better they are than they were at this time last year!

-And the knitting.....oh the knitting.  I am a machine!  Gifts are getting made and things are going well.  And just saying that I've probably smited the knitting gods.  Hats, socks, ornaments, a sweater, a couple of shawls, I've got it all going on.  I've already hit the ten mile mark for the year.

-That being said....there's a certain cockiness that goes with things going smoothly.  For one thing, you start to think that yes, I can get it all done!  And you start adding more projects to your queue, figuring you have "all of this extra time."  Not true, my friend.  I have four more items to cast on before Christmas Day gets here and I'm limiting myself to them.  

-Please feel free to laugh at what I've just written.  

-Want something else to laugh at?  I've agreed to go "cold sheep" until May.  Meaning, knitting only from my stash this winter and not buying any yarn til the tent sale.  Can I do this??  I should think so.  I've got a lot of projects lined up with yarn in house and I'm going to start my baby hats and blankets again after the holidays.

So that's pretty much it for today.  Maybe tomorrow will bring better organized thoughts.  HA HA HA!