Sunday, August 21, 2011


Day 20:  How important do you think education is?

To me, education is VERY important.  Time shows us again and again that knowledge is power.  Also, it's tough to get a job that pays well without an education.  Most jobs these days require a master's degree, even. 
Brian and I have always been students that are eager to learn.  I went to college right after HS, full-time.  Brian's path was a little different, choosing the Navy first and the college education later.  But the Navy is an education in its own way, with it's own rigorous academic schedule.  With the GI Bill, he was able to get his Bachelor's in business by going part-time.  Now he is getting his Master's Degree in Information Technology part-time as well.

Our oldest has a thirst for knowledge, and loves to learn.  I'm continually impressed with what he knows about at his age.  (And I know that I have Nick Jr. to thank for some of it)  We encourage the boys at every chance, instilling a love for reading and knowledge.

I also believe that you're never too old to get an education.  My mom, who started college after high school in the sixties, didn't finish her degree because she got married.  I was so proud to attend her graduation ceremony in 2004 as she graduated with honors with a degree in business.

What are your thoughts on education?

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