Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sometimes "Nothing" is Something!

I trotted out Ditto at knitting last week, and attached the sleeves.  I wasn't feeling very well and even left early, after attaching the sleeves to the sweater.  All week I fretted.....did I put them on correctly?  Or are they on backwards and I'm going to have to fix it?  Dread, dread dread.  Visiting my parents yesterday, I took out the sweater to show my mother, who has a lot more experience reading patterns than I do.  Before I even showed it to her, I had an A-ha! moment and realized that the notches for the underarm seam matched up perfectly and I could puzzle out how they would be sewn together.  Hooray!  So that just goes to show you....sometimes leaving something alone and thinking about it will bring you to the solution, and not have to do anything.  When I first noticed this I was ready to rip out stitches and try again.  How mad would I have been if I had done that and found out that I had it right the first time?  That's right......damn mad.  Curses ablaze!

While visiting my parents yesterday Mom and I went to a local yarn shop in Putnam, CT.  It's a cute little shop with lots of gorgeous yarn.  And for its size, there really was a great selection.  Mom needed some buttons for her current project(s) so I poked around too, and found the perfect buttons for Ditto.  I don't think they'll photograph well, otherwise I would share.

On to the yoke....that's the top front of the cardigan.  This yoke is a funky ribbed top, which I had to get a video on YouTube last night to figure out.  Two minutes later I was humming right along.  Not too minutes after that, I was lamenting the fact that I had to rip out an entire row because of getting mixed up.  (Sometimes one should not knit late at night.)  Tink, tink, tink.  Taking stitches out one at a time, quite possibly another thing I shouldn't do late at night!  I wrote myself a note not to just pick it up and start working on it, to finish taking out the blasted row.  And so this morning, while watching Disney Channel with the boys, with Sean sitting on my feet, I got it right.  All is right in the (knitting) world!

Side note:  why would I write myself a note, reminding to finish ripping something out?  I'm pretty forgetful, and I was afraid I'd make it worse.  After all, I've double-bought yarn, ordering it from Knitpicks on Friday afternoon and forgot and went shopping for the same stuff!  *snicker.*  Better luck next time.

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