Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Sentinel

I've got a miserable cold.   Summer colds are the worst, no?  I felt crappy enough to come home from knitting early last night, which NEVER happens!  And even rarer, I was in bed before 9pm.  I am a total night owl, so now I really know that I was sick.  The boys went to bed right before me, and since I hadn't stopped for milk on the way home, Hubby came into our room and announced that he was running down to CVS to get it.

No sooner had he closed the door and headed out into the driveway, our dog Joey jumped onto our bed and placed himself, snuggled against me.  Whenever Brian or I aren't feeling well, he stands guard.  The window was open, since it was a cooler night.  Every little sound, his ears would prick upwards as if to say, "Hey, my Mom's sick.  Let her rest!"  When Will came flying into our room at 11pm because "he couldn't sleep" Joey gave him a sidewise glance that said "Are you kidding me?  Mom needs her rest, dude!"  And at four AM when I got out of bed for more medicine, he followed me right at my heels to keep me company.

That's Joey, our protector.  I often describe him as a "honey of a dog."  And he really is.

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Anonymous said...

Good boy, Joey!
That's yet another difference between dogs and cats!!!