Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rock on, Dude!

After watching Phineas and Ferb:  Across the Second Dimension, Will has gotten a bit obsessed with Slash, the guitar player.  Remember Slash?  He was the guitarist with the top hat and the dark glasses, he played with Guns n Roses.  (It's been a while, thought you might need a refresher.)

Anyway, the obsession went as far as Will asking me what the names of the other band members were, and then assigning their names to household objects.  I now have a duster named Duff, a dishwasher named Izzy and a vacuum named Slash!

So when Will started playing air guitar tonight and sliding across the kitchen floor, I just couldn't resist.

And naturally, Sean wants to do everything that Will does.  He went and found the other guitar.

That's it, flipped over on the black rug so you can't see it too well.

Finally, there was this beauty:

Will's agent.  "No Flash photography, Mommy!  Put that camera away!

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