Friday, August 5, 2011

Religious Views

Blog Challenge, Day Four:  What are your views on religion?

My brother and I grew up in a Catholic Family.  We both went through CCD, made our sacraments, and I went on to a Catholic university.  I consider myself to be a spiritual person.   I believe in God but don't believe that Catholicism is better than any of the other many faiths out there.  Our boys were baptized, but we don't go to church.  This may change later, but then again it may not.

I also respect other religions, and am curious.  I wish that I had taken a "World Religions" class in college when it was offered, since I feel that I don't know much about Judaism, Islam and Buddhism.  I am open to new things, and I appreciate an open mind over trying to force religion onto people.  That's about it in a nutshell.

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