Friday, November 18, 2016

Fantastic Beasts

Tomorrow.  The next trip to the Wizarding World.  Thank you, J.K. Rowling.  I can't wait!!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Me vs. The Stone, 2.0

Say it with me, ugh.

Over the summer, at a follow-up with my nephrologist (read:  kidney doc)  I mentioned that I had a tiny bit of pain in my back.  I chalked it up to being in the car to and from Philly three weekends in a row.  "Perhaps," said the doctor, "But let's get an ultrasound just to be sure."

First, one ultrasound.  Then another, a week later, to confirm a "hydro" or whatever they said.  Something like a back-up of fluid into my right kidney.  Then, a catscan!  I know this dance....and I suspect it's not going to lead to good things.

I was right.

Catscan confirmed that I had one kidney stone in the tube between the kidney and the bladder on the right side.  It was lodged in there tight and appeared to be one centimeter in size.  Say it with me:  "Holy Crap!!"  It was determined that I would need to repeat the surgery that I had two years ago.  Boooooo.....hissssssss.  Surgery was booked for September, with a follow-up surgery scheduled for October.  Apparently, the surgeon (who is wonderful and I can'y say enough good things about) is very busy taking care of stones in the Central Mass Area.  Surgery got moved around a bit, and finally on October 19th, I went in.

There were two stones.  They got 'em.  No second surgery needed!  Now, I did not take off enough time last time to recover, so I took a week this time.  It ended up not being enough, I came home sick on my second day of work and took another weekend to recover.  Anesthesia is hard, man.  So is having a stent in your kidney that's constantly rubbing and you have to keep it for two weeks.  At my follow-up to have it removed I was just like "Get it out, I don't care how."

So.  Today is the first day that I have any energy.  I've been tired at the end of the day but that's to be expected.  I have to keep reminding myself not to wear myself out, not that that's easy!

People also tell me that I look a lot better than before I went in.  Apparently I was really pale and tired-looking.  I didn't really believe that, till I saw photographic evidence.

 Week before surgery, at Rhinebeck.  (See the shawl?  lol)  

Three days after surgery, at Trunk or Treat.  Not my most flattering pic, with my lovely hair, no makeup and Sean's SWAT helmet that he ditched.  But I see a badass who pulled it together to go out with her family.  And I've already got some color back in my cheeks.  Or perhaps that's the painkillers.  (kidding)

So I have to do some follow-up in six weeks.  Hopefully they'll be able to adjust my RTA (renal-tubular acidosis) medications and we can put this lovely chapter behind me.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

The boys went as SWATS this year.  They have learned from their experience as ninjas last year that it's not worth it to carry props.  Will's velcro SWAT vest held all of his tools.  Sean promptly lost most of his, but he was still pretty happy.  This is them before we headed to "Trunk or Treat" at their karate school.

As always, first we have a serious pose.

And then, a silly pose.  You almost want to be arrested by these fellas.

We have an annual tradition to go trick or treating with some friends.  Their neighborhood, unlike ours, gets tons of kids and is a lot of fun.  Sean and his best bud Patrick.  Patrick and his older brother Tom went as the Ghostbusters.  Awesome!

Finally, this crazy kid traded all of his Halloween candy for 2,000 paperclips!!  He said that he wanted to make a long chain out of them.  Naturally, it didn't stick, and he's been eating candy this week like a fiend.  I never expected it to stick.  

 And a little throwback.....these two have always loved dressing up together and are already coming up with ideas for next year.  So far they've done firefighters, ninjas, pirates and now police.  What will they come up with next!

Friday, October 28, 2016


Mom and I made the trek out to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival in mid -October.  If you love fiber arts and yarn, it is THE place to be!  Alpacas and sheep, knitting notions, clothing, souvenirs, project bags and YARN!!!  So much to choose from.  And the people watching is pretty incredible too.  Everyone wears Hand-knit so there's a lot of oohing and ahhing, as people add more projects to their Ravelry queues.  Most of the time everyone is friendly and you meet lots of people.  The only dust-up was at the Miss Babs yarn booth.  Frantic, crazy knitters high on yarn fumes!!  I will have to check out Miss Babs online to find out what that was all about. 

And I finished The Joker and the Thief in time to wear it!  This was a beast... it ate yarn like nobody's business.  I ran out of yarn several times, and ended up spending a ridiculous amount of money to finish it.  It's gorgeous though, and I couldn't be happier with it. 

I came home with something that I've wanted for a while....a Harry Potter project bag.  Apparently they're a little difficult to find.  I spotted this and snatched it up quickly, MINE!  :)

The weekend was enjoy yarn obviously, but to distract from the upcoming kidney surgery.  Yep.....another boulder stuck between kidney and bladder.  I was shocked and bummed to get the news.  Mom and I had so much fun though, that I forgot several times!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Guessing Game

What is the most destructive animal in New England?  Coyotes?  Bears?  Wild house kitties?

Whatever you've guessed, it's wrong.

It's mice.  In my opinion, anyway.

Last winter when they were looking for someplace to get out of the cold, mice invaded our shed outside.  They destroyed anything paper or cloth-like, made nests in fertilizer, and poohed all over every surface.  It took Hubby the better part of a three-day weekend to clean out the shed, and then later on get a dumpster service to get rid of all the spoils of war.

And now, over the weekend--A family of mice (or one member of the family being a real jerk) has destroyed my central air conditioning.  They snoodled right into the unit outside at the first mention of cooler weather, and not for the first time.  Last time it was just some wires.  This time it's the whole kit and caboodle.  The compressor's toast, and the air handler in the attic too.  Should I feel bad that they perished in the resulting POOF?  No, no I do not.  Does this make me heartless?  I don't think so.

The resulting cost is similar to that of a small car, and our home insurance does not cover acts of "rodent damage."  I could seriously cry.

I know that it's going to be OK.  We have options, and the silver lining is that today is the first day of fall.  Not exactly air-conditioning weather, and this didn't happen in July.  It didn't destroy our heating system as well.  For these reasons alone I'm thankful.

But still.  Mice eating, and then blowing up my air conditioning.  Ugh, it's always something.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Target will Always Welcome You Home

Um.  I'm pretty sure that I live at Target now.

Don't get me wrong, Target is full of cool stuff and makes for a great hideout.  Perfect "Parent vacation" and hey, some of them even have Starbucks now!  I've lost many hours at a time strolling the aisles, debating picture frames vs. artwork, shopping for birthday gifts, choosing bathroom rugs or debating thread counts.  And I'm almost positive that it's usually a guaranteed $50 trip. 

I think I've been there five times in the last two weeks.  And every time I've gone, I've missed one item and had to go again another day.  I think that there should be a rewards program.  If you go ten times in a month, the next trip's free.  Who's with me???  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wand Duels

One of the favorite activities of the boys are "wand duels."  This is where we chase each other around the house, pointing Harry Potter wands (large plastic drinking straws in mine and Sean's case) and yell spells at each other.  It drives my husband crazy, because the boys are pretty loud about it.  He said that he always thought that he had more time before we started talking around him, probably when the boys took Spanish in school.  Instead it's in Latin and in a fandom kind of way.  He's a muggle so.....there's also that.  

Anyway, the boys want to do more spells, and they want "Harry Potter Homework."  So who am I to deny them?   We'll definitely have to upgrade our straws at some point.

I love the fact that the boys are turning into voracious Harry Potter fans, I am so proud.  :)