Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Well, Well, Well

....can we just pretend that I haven't been ignoring this blog?  I've honestly thought about not writing it anymore, but every time I click on "memories" and am awarded with pics of the boys and silly stories from the last ten years, I don't want to quit.  (SHUT UP....ten years???)  I know that I write mostly for myself, and my husband, mom and maybe a friend read, but really, it's just to preserve what I want to preserve:  time.

So goes.

1. I successfully said "no."  Mostly by non-action, but a "no" nonetheless!  I swiftly avoided the school fundraiser.  The kids came home from school all excited, saying "MOM!  We could win a Nintendo Switch!  We only have to sell like a million items in the fundraiser to win!"  Well bud, we have a small family and not a big need for cookies, wrapping paper and magazine subscriptions.  Mom does a great job ignoring the magazine subscriptions that she already has.  (Except the knitting ones, of course!)  So the deadline quietly slipped by and I triumphantly recycled the materials. 

2.  We're having a really weird Autumn.  No foliage, and warm temps.  I keep forgetting it's October.  Until yesterday, we were still using air conditioning.  Usually by now I'm bringing out the cooler weather clothes.  Not that this has stopped Sean from wearing long pants and a henley shirt every morning.  And no matter how many times I send him back to change, he's unhappy about it.  That boy is always freezing....he's the only person I know that needs a sweatshirt at the dinner table if the window is open.  My sweet, chilly boy. 

3.  Speaking of Sean, he had a great solution for being out of chip clips the other day.  He grabbed a toy wrench to keep a bag of frozen strawberries from rolling and spilling the other day.  Nice.

4.  In less than two weeks, I'm going to have a pre-teen.  That's right....Will's turning 11.  I wonder if he'll get a Hogwarts letter?  I'm prepared to be super jealous. 

And finally,

5.  I'm not knitting Christmas gifts this year.  Yes, you read that right.  I'm giving myself a gift of less stress at the holidays, and I'm knitting what I please instead.  Which turns out to be shawls for me actually, who knew? 

Maybe the next post will be about Halloween.  We shall see.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I started this off by making a list of the things that have gotten in my way of finishing things at work today.  (missing info, not enough stamps, miscommunication, and finally, an epic fail in the "I forgot to order toner" dept.)  Instead, I'm going to go and pick up my younger boy at camp and spend some quality time with him.  And then I'm going to go to my knitting group, order my favorite salad and enjoy some time with friends and my knitting needles.  Tomorrow is another day!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Loading--Please Wait

Oh, my poor neglected blog.  What can I say?  Stuff happens, I want to write about it but then things get busy.  So here's some things that have happened.

-I took on a new property for my job.  Note:  I didn't get a new job.  I took on a SECOND property.  More work, (hopefully) more money.  So needless to say things have been BUSY!!  I start my days early and work late, last night I was here til 6pm.

-I went to this year's NERSC conference!  It was up in Rockport, ME, which was beautiful.  Not a lot of sun, but it is Maine in the spring, so what are you gonna do?  I walked the Samoset Breakway one day and that was breezy and the perfect ocean setting for a walk.  I spent an extra day up in Maine to visit friends, and all around had a good time.  An exhausing good time, and a good time nonetheless.

-TheWebs Tent Sale is coming up!!!  Or what I sometimes call "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year."  :)  I'm usually pretty organized about it, and have a list going months in advance.  Um....I made the list last week on the back of some junk mail and it has like four things on it.  I guess pulling my yarn stash out of the closet twice for the air conditioning repair guy (it's been replaced...yesssss)  has made me re-evaluate my yarn stash.  Somewhere my husband is jumping for joy...

-It's almost the end of the school year!!  Yep, limping along to the finish line.  More MCAS testing today for  my oldest, and my younger boy has his end of the year field trip next week.  What a absolutely flew by.  Now we're back to making summer plans.

Well, now that I've read this, I've got to say....busy, but not super interesting.  Anyway, Happy Spring and maybe see you next month.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I usually hate selfies.  And I despise people who take selfies all the time.  Like, not with other people, just "here I am, waking up.  Healthy Breakfast, yay me!"  No time for shower--total bedhead."  And repeat....alll day long.  (I'm looking at you, Kim Kardashian.)


I hate selfies because I usually look like hell in a selfie.  Seriously, ever accidentally press the button on your phone so the camera is facing inward instead of out and you're like "Holy Crap!  I look awful, make it go away!"  That's me.  And pretty much every other person who does this.

But it turns out, I can take a good one!  Will wonders never cease!  I don't have a lot of photos of myself that I really liking one is indeed a small celebration.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A House Divided

This weekend is the Superbowl, and it's New England Patriots vs. the Atlanta Falcons.

Now, I am not a huge football fan.  But I DID grow up in New England, and I do enjoy it when the Pats are in the playoffs.  But our friends know that Brian grew up in Philly, and is a fan of the Eagles.  And very much NOT a Pats fan, or admirer of any kind.  And his family.....well, his mom and one brother are pretty vocal about how much they don't like Tom Brady.

Anyway....I digress.  His mom bought us t-shirts a few years ago with the Pats and Eagles helmet logos that say "A House Divided."  Well, it's just gotten a bit more divisive.

On the way to the bus stop this morning, I was telling the boys that one of their schools had invited kids to wear Pats gear or Pats colors to school tomorrow in support of the Pats being in the Superbowl.  Now, neither kid is a football fan, any more so than me.  But Will perks up and said "It's probably my school."  He's probably right, I seem to get emails often about theme days and the like.  Naturally, he's no more interested in dressing in support of the Pats than he was interested in wearing a tie in support of the Great Kindness Challenge at the beginning of the week.  But then he surprises me, and his eyes brighten:

"Mom, what are the Eagles colors?"

I'm sure that his Dad, Uncle and Grandmom are all going to be super-proud tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Say hello to baby hat #250!

Sean turned seven earlier this month.  I started these little hats as a way to "give back" for the blessing that I received in him.  (I did something different for Will, I collected baby food for charity)  In the first year, I made fifty hats to commemorate his birth, and at the time I was sending them to Stitches from the Heart, a California-based charity that collected handcrafted baby hats and blankets and distributed them all over the country.  They closed their doors a few years ago, and someone told me about Project Nathaniel.  It is a local woman that collects baby items in honor of her grandson Nathaniel, that passed away soon after being born.  AND the items go to the hospital that my boys were born in, every July!  I'm honored and happy to help the hospital that was so good to us.

So that's 250 little heads that I've helped warm up.  These little hats knit up quickly, and really make you feel like you're accomplishing something, both knit-wise and life-wise.  Here's to the next 250!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Those Pink Hats

On January 20th, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president.  And on January 21st, there were Womens' Marches to protest Donald Trump being President.  It may have been a "women's march" but over 4 million men, women and children attended the main march in DC, and 600 sister marches all over the country.

Women and their pink hats with cat-like ears everywhere!  This was thanks to the Pussyhat Project.   I'm proud to say that I knit two of these hats, and gave them to a friend who went to DC. She gave the hats to friends and then tagged me on Facebook so I could see who got them and they thanked me.  And I'm still making them for anyone who's asked....I've got one off the needles to mail to Rhode Island, and then two to go to Virginia and two more to local friends.  Hey, it's what I can do to help the cause.  I may not be able to go to marches, but I support those that do, and will knit my fingers off to help the cause!