Friday, August 26, 2011

Frankly, You're Fascinating!

Day 25:  Someone who fascinates you and why.

Recently I was signed up for People magazine.  I say "was" signed up because I did one of those silly things that I would get three free trial issues.  Well, I cancelled before the trial even started, yet People for some reason is being kind and sending it every week.  I used to love People, I was a subscriber for many years.  Now, with such little time for reading and due to the cost of said People magazine, I stopped getting it.  So this has been a bit of a treat, reading the "in" news when it's still news and not recycled copies at the hairdresser or doctor's office!

This week's had Sandra Bullock on the cover.  She fascinates me.  No, seriously.  She has for many years.  She is a talented actress, a Mom, a divorcee and many, many other things.  Including a knitter.  AND, she only knows how to knit in German, because her mother spoke German and that is how she learned.  I enjoy her movies, and her down-to-earth charm.  She's really got it together, even when her life is falling apart around her.  I admire her deeply.

As far as everyday, I am fascinated by Moms.  All moms, but specifically, working moms.  My own mom said to me recently, "I don't know how you do it."  And the fascinating answer?  It's a real stumper:  I don't know either.   'Cause half the time I think I'm screwing it up, with my mind on my kids when I should be writing notices, and my mind on my accounting when I'm coloring with the boys before dinner.  And I know that I am far from alone in thinking these things.   Here's to working moms everywhere!!

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