Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It Works for Santa....

I am going to break my own rule about not posting about work, because this is just too funny not to share.  And it's too ridiculous not to be true.

I received a phonecall today for an application request.  The caller spoke Spanish, and the call starts the way that all calls like this one starts.  I answer "Good Morning, ______ Apts, May I help you?"  The caller, right away:  "Se Habla?"  (translation:  you speak Spanish?)  I reply, the same way I always do. "Si, hablo un poco."  (Yes, I speak a little.)  She proceeds to tell me that she saw our ad in the newspaper and really needs an apartment right away, that her living conditions are bad and she needs a place.  I explain that we are currently full, that anyone who applies right now and qualifies will be put on a waiting list.  She tells me that she needs a three-bedroom, and how can she get an application?  I tell her that she can pick one up in person, or I would be happy to mail her one.  She asks me to mail her one, and tells me her name.  I ask for her address, and she says her zip code.  I say, no, your address.  She repeats her zip code.  I say, no....I need your address where you receive mail, so I can mail your application.  She doesn't understand.  I say, "Address.  You know, house number, street?  Where you get your mail."  Then she says..... "I don't get mail.  I have no way of getting mail."  At this point, I slap my forehead.  "Well, if you are unable to get mail, then you need to pick up your application in person."  "Ok, thanks.  have a good day and God Bless You."  Click.

Did I handle that incorrectly?  I mean, how does one receive mail if they don't get mail?  Am I supposed to address the envelope with her name, slap on a stamp, throw it in the mail box and hope for the best?  Fingers crossed, Lady.  I hope, hope, HOPE it gets to you!

In relaying this story to Hubby, here's his fabulous reply.  "Well....it works for Santa!" 

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