Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ten Years Down the Road

Day Two of Blog Challenge:  Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Hmmmm.   I have a tough time looking into the future but let's give this a try. In ten years I will be in my mid-forties.  I will have a younger teenager and a pre-teen.  (Gahhhhhhh!)  Brian, boys and I will be in a different home than we are now, as we are seriously outgrowing the home that we have now and intend to put it on the market in about two years.  Hopefully we will be living in the same area as we are now, since we like it and it has a great school system. 

As for myself, I expect that I will be an older, softer version of myself.   Hopefully I'll still have a sense of humor about life's little ironies, and will have learned not to take things so personally sometimes.  Will I still be in Property Management?  Yeah, I think so.  Perhaps not working on an apartment site, doing the day-to-day tasks and dealing with the (sometimes)  daily drama.  My, that was a lot of D's.  :)  I am happy with what I do for a living, though I will be MUCH happier when I eventually (Finally!!) get back to working in elderly housing.  Other than that, who knows what the future holds. 

What does your ten year path look like?

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adventures in rhode island said...

this is a really cool blog challenge, i may steal it as well. i look forward to reading the answers this month!