Monday, August 8, 2011

Toys, Toys, Toys!!!

Day Seven of Blog Challenge:  What were your favorite childhood toys?

I am a child of the eighties, and man oh man, we had the BEST toys!  So good in fact, many of them are coming out again for our kids.

I will start with the one type of these toys that I actually still have!

 Cabbage Patch Kids!  These were all the rage when I was in grade school, they were the BIG toy.  I had several of them, but I'll never forget my first one.  She was a little blonde doll, and her name was Glynis Rhonda.  (they always had such foufy names, no?)  I am almost embarrassed to admit that she is 27 years old!  My oldest friend, who lived down the street from me growing up, and I would get all of our dolls together and have parties with them.  When Oldest Friend was moving around a lot, she asked me to hold onto hers. We were like schoolkids again, pulling them out of their boxes and lining them up in my basement and giggling.  I'll never bring them up for my boys to play with, they still mean a lot to me.

This is a toy that was hot a few years ago.  Though Miss Strawberry had a makeover and looks totally cooler now, this is what she looked like when I used to play with her and her friends in 1982!  I always thought that it was so neat that they smelled like strawberries, blueberries and lemon.  Or should I say, fruit-scented plastic.

I was SUCH a My Little Pony Girl!  I loved my ponies, and they got waay more attention than the few Barbies that I had.  (I never really was much for Barbie, but Oldest Friend was.)  I still remember Christmas in third grade, getting a stable and the pink Pony Castle for Christmas.  What a year for that little girl!  :)

I also enjoyed some of my brother's toys:  He-Man and Construx.  We used to stage battles with He-Man and Skeletor, and all was cool until my brother dumped the slime from Skeletor's Castle in my hair.  Then I was kinda done with He-Man.  And we used to make huge buildings from his plastic Construx, and weapons too. Then we would fight to see who could knock them over.  One of us would do the knocking over, the other usually cried about it.  Ah....childhood and siblings!

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