Thursday, August 25, 2011

Favorite Movie

Day 24:  Name Your Favorite Movie and What it's About....

Hmmm.  I really love the movies Dirty Dancing and Forrest Gump, neither of which need a description.  But I'd have to say.......oh wow this is really hard!  I also loved A League of their Own, Pretty Woman, Save the Last Dance, Sweet Home Alabama, August Rush, The Breakfast Club and Where the Heart Is.  As a kid, I adored Back to the Future, and Adventures in Babysitting.  And in high school, I loved a little movie called Dead Again with Kenneth Brannagh and Emma Thompson.   I can't do it, internet!  I cannot pick a favorite.  So there.

How about I tell you that I have never seen "Thelma and Louise?"  But I'd bet that I would like it.  And the next kid-free night that I get by myself (in 2020, likely) I am going to queue it up on Netflix!  Will we have Netflix then??

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