Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's good to have goals.

Day 30:  What are your goals for the next thirty days?

I don't know if I can call them goals, I see them more as a to-do list.

Over the next thirty days (i.e. the month of September) we will celebrate approximately half of the birthdays in my family.  And then in October, save for me and Sean, we will celebrate the other half.  It's a crazy time of year!  It's also my favorite, from September, till right after Christmas.  After that it's dark and winter-y, but at least we now have Seanie's birthday on January 10th to look forward to in the winter. 

Though I have not been in school for many years now and I don't quite have school-age children (Will will go to kindergarten next year) September still feels like a fresh start every year.  So over the next thirty days, this is what I'd LIKE to accomplish:

-Start working on my last knitted Christmas gift.  Also, finish up the baby gifts for the plethora of babies that will be born this Autumn.

-Begin the process of cleaning out the basement.  It's a crappy job, and we've put it off for a very, very, VERY long time.  And the only way it's going to get done is in bits and pieces. 

-Get used to having one child in preschool full-time and Hubby back in college two nights a week.  That's right--summer vacation is over.  :(

That's pretty much it for the 30-day blog challenge.  Many thanks to Magee for getting me into this!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rock on, Dude!

After watching Phineas and Ferb:  Across the Second Dimension, Will has gotten a bit obsessed with Slash, the guitar player.  Remember Slash?  He was the guitarist with the top hat and the dark glasses, he played with Guns n Roses.  (It's been a while, thought you might need a refresher.)

Anyway, the obsession went as far as Will asking me what the names of the other band members were, and then assigning their names to household objects.  I now have a duster named Duff, a dishwasher named Izzy and a vacuum named Slash!

So when Will started playing air guitar tonight and sliding across the kitchen floor, I just couldn't resist.

And naturally, Sean wants to do everything that Will does.  He went and found the other guitar.

That's it, flipped over on the black rug so you can't see it too well.

Finally, there was this beauty:

Will's agent.  "No Flash photography, Mommy!  Put that camera away!

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner....

Day 29:  List ten people, living or dead, that you would invite to dinner.  Include the menu.

I'm not much for hosting BIG dinner parties.  But if I had ten people to invite (immediate family not included in the ten, since they live here and would be here anyway), here's my list:

1.  Alton Brown, for obvious reasons  (and probably more for Hubby than for me)
2.  My maternal grandfather, (aka "Pa") whom I've mentioned cooks a mean roast.  Plus I've always wished that he could have met my husband.
3.  My mother and father
4.  My old friend Jen R of Crafty Mom of 3, who I don't see often and also loves Alton Brown
5.  Jen R's husband Scott, a fellow foodie and lover of the Food Network
6.  Jennifer Weiner, my current favorite chick-lit writer
7.  Stephanie Pearl McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot)
8.  my brother
9.  my sister-in-law
10.  Julia Roberts

Also, Jen R and her husband Scott have three kids, and of course they would be welcome too.  They'd play together with my kids, so we could all have adult conversation.  And yes, I'm aware that I included my Mom and Dad as one person.  Yes, I'm aware it's cheating.  Oh well!

Now, Dinner.  This is harder to come up with than the list, but I will give it a shot.  We're going buffet style.

The name of the menu:  All of Crafty Mama's Favorite Things!

Appetizer:  chicken nachos from Chilis,   (I really wanted these the other night!) shrimp cocktail, fried mac n cheese and a big heaping bucket of Price Edward Island mussels.

Salad:  Caesar with fresh croutons and plenty of shaved parmesan

Entree:  Roast Beef (my Pa is going to show me how he made his so I can have it whenever I want.)  BBQ Chicken,  mac and cheese, fresh bread and roasted garlic to smash on it, mashed potatoes, roasted mediterranean veggies, baked shrimp and feta over rice, cornbread, Brian's "Kabobs from heaven" (pineapple, green pepper, chicken, bacon and scallops)  and Chicken Francese.  Hot dogs and tacos for the kids, though they'd better save me a "Chicago-style hot dog!"  Oh, and ratatouille over pasta for the Yarn Harlot, the only vegetarian in the group.

Dessert:  Ice cream in several flavors, double-chocolate brownies, cookies for the kids, a flan and individual pumpkin creme brulees.

Now, who's hungry?

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Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Missing....

Day 28:  Something that you miss.

Sometimes I miss being responsible just for me and Hubby.  Don't misunderstand, I am thrilled to be a parent and I love my two kids to bits.  These little pangs usually come after an evening of arguing about bedtimes and sending someone back to bed four or five times.  Or running late because someone else has in few words announced that he just WILL NOT sit in the highchair today and would rather take his breakfast from the dog's dish.  I know that our first few years of marriage weren't 100% carefree and full of nothing but fun and the pursuit of happiness, my rose-colored glasses aren't that strong a prescription.  But, just having myself to get ready in the morning, not racing out of work for the 5:30pm pickup, and being able to watch what I want WHEN I want on the TV.....yeah, I miss that.

But although I miss that, being able to do all of that again is certainly not worth the trade of the hugs and kisses, the I-Love-Yous,  the jokes about tornados, the Phineas and Ferb references, the excited cries of "Mommy!  Mommy!" when I come home.  Those are worth their weight in gold.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh, Mornings....

Day 27:  A problem you have, or have had in the past.

My problem is in my past, present and future.  I am not a morning person.  I am a night owl, and quite frequently the last one to bed by a long shot.  Even though I'm tired at night, I get sucked into a movie or whatever I am knitting, or the worst one:  Facebook.  And then when the morning comes, I'm slower than a three-toed sloth.  (Which I've never seen but I hear is very slow.) 

I'm also ill-prepared most mornings.  Despite my desire to do so, preparation the night before is not achieved.  Clothes are rarely laid out the night before and if they are, it usually starts an argument of "I don't wanna wear that shirt!"   Bags packed by the door lack diapers for the daycare or I've forgotten a towel for "Sprinkler Day" at the preschool.  And my own bag?  Forget it.  There's a reason why Hubby brings me coffee while I'm getting out of the shower:  it's an act of love but also one of necessity.  I can't get out of my own way!

It is something I am always trying to work on, though.  And I hope that SOMEDAY I'll get my act together.  It's not a truly hopeless case.  Though history is certainly showing that from HS to today, mornings are certainly not my friend. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

If I had a million dollars....

....I'd buy you a fur coat.  (but not a real fur coat, that's cruel.)  We wouldn't have to eat Kraft dinners, but we would!

Day 26:  If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?

Buckle up, kids.  If I had a million dollars, the first thing I would do is pay off any debt that I have, and add to the college funds for the boys.  Then I'd set up a good investment retirement plan for us.  With the responsible decisions set aside, we'd have a bit of fun.  I'd book a cruise for my whole family to go on!  A fantastic vacation, and it would be all about making the memories.  With any money left, hmmm....a bigger house ahead of schedule?  Maybe.  Some fun money?  possibly.  A charitable donation or two?  Definitely.

Yeah, it's a boring dream, but it's MY dream!  :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Frankly, You're Fascinating!

Day 25:  Someone who fascinates you and why.

Recently I was signed up for People magazine.  I say "was" signed up because I did one of those silly things that I would get three free trial issues.  Well, I cancelled before the trial even started, yet People for some reason is being kind and sending it every week.  I used to love People, I was a subscriber for many years.  Now, with such little time for reading and due to the cost of said People magazine, I stopped getting it.  So this has been a bit of a treat, reading the "in" news when it's still news and not recycled copies at the hairdresser or doctor's office!

This week's had Sandra Bullock on the cover.  She fascinates me.  No, seriously.  She has for many years.  She is a talented actress, a Mom, a divorcee and many, many other things.  Including a knitter.  AND, she only knows how to knit in German, because her mother spoke German and that is how she learned.  I enjoy her movies, and her down-to-earth charm.  She's really got it together, even when her life is falling apart around her.  I admire her deeply.

As far as everyday, I am fascinated by Moms.  All moms, but specifically, working moms.  My own mom said to me recently, "I don't know how you do it."  And the fascinating answer?  It's a real stumper:  I don't know either.   'Cause half the time I think I'm screwing it up, with my mind on my kids when I should be writing notices, and my mind on my accounting when I'm coloring with the boys before dinner.  And I know that I am far from alone in thinking these things.   Here's to working moms everywhere!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Favorite Movie

Day 24:  Name Your Favorite Movie and What it's About....

Hmmm.  I really love the movies Dirty Dancing and Forrest Gump, neither of which need a description.  But I'd have to say.......oh wow this is really hard!  I also loved A League of their Own, Pretty Woman, Save the Last Dance, Sweet Home Alabama, August Rush, The Breakfast Club and Where the Heart Is.  As a kid, I adored Back to the Future, and Adventures in Babysitting.  And in high school, I loved a little movie called Dead Again with Kenneth Brannagh and Emma Thompson.   I can't do it, internet!  I cannot pick a favorite.  So there.

How about I tell you that I have never seen "Thelma and Louise?"  But I'd bet that I would like it.  And the next kid-free night that I get by myself (in 2020, likely) I am going to queue it up on Netflix!  Will we have Netflix then??

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Easy on the Eyes

Day 23:  Post Five Pictures of famous people that you find attractive.

Jonathan Rhys Myers

Bradley Cooper

Taye Diggs

Matt Damon

And of course...Brad Pitt

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Harnessing the Tornado

In deciding on re-doing the floor in the living room from carpet to laminate, Brian has started to plan.  As I've fondly said before, when Hubby has a project on the brain, it's all that he can think about.  (Well, he does remember to eat.)  At times I poke fun because of his tendency to plan every move, but really I'm grateful.  After all, it's because of his ability to think ahead that allowed us only a three-week disaster area when gutting the entire kitchen.  Not bad, if I dare say!

So in the plan, the first question is "How do we move all of our stuff so that this job can be accomplished?  The living room has all the usual furniture, plus a television.  Oh, and a fish tank.  The fish tank is specifically what we're worried about.  The very idea of moving a fish tank strikes fear into our hearts.

Enter Will.  He has a simple plan for everything.  Will wants to move everything via tornado.  That's right, tornado.  Send in the tornado, have it pick up our stuff, rip up the carpet and install the flooring, then call back the tornado to put our stuff back.  When I gently explained that tornados don't typically work like that, that they're pretty destructive, he kindly offered to build one.  Complete with a "nice button" that he would push before allowing it to suck up our belongings.  Upon coming home from preschool that day, he even had a "blueprint" for me that he drew at school.  Imagine if....building a tornado to pick up stuff, swirl them gently above your house and then have it place things lovingly back where they belong after the work is complete.  Harnessing that kind of power.  What a spacesaver, not to mention money and time going back and forth to a storage unit, or busting your back pushing everything to one side of the room!

This kid kills me with his imagination.  If only the world was as simple as a four year-old's take on things.

It Works for Santa....

I am going to break my own rule about not posting about work, because this is just too funny not to share.  And it's too ridiculous not to be true.

I received a phonecall today for an application request.  The caller spoke Spanish, and the call starts the way that all calls like this one starts.  I answer "Good Morning, ______ Apts, May I help you?"  The caller, right away:  "Se Habla?"  (translation:  you speak Spanish?)  I reply, the same way I always do. "Si, hablo un poco."  (Yes, I speak a little.)  She proceeds to tell me that she saw our ad in the newspaper and really needs an apartment right away, that her living conditions are bad and she needs a place.  I explain that we are currently full, that anyone who applies right now and qualifies will be put on a waiting list.  She tells me that she needs a three-bedroom, and how can she get an application?  I tell her that she can pick one up in person, or I would be happy to mail her one.  She asks me to mail her one, and tells me her name.  I ask for her address, and she says her zip code.  I say, no, your address.  She repeats her zip code.  I say, no....I need your address where you receive mail, so I can mail your application.  She doesn't understand.  I say, "Address.  You know, house number, street?  Where you get your mail."  Then she says..... "I don't get mail.  I have no way of getting mail."  At this point, I slap my forehead.  "Well, if you are unable to get mail, then you need to pick up your application in person."  "Ok, thanks.  have a good day and God Bless You."  Click.

Did I handle that incorrectly?  I mean, how does one receive mail if they don't get mail?  Am I supposed to address the envelope with her name, slap on a stamp, throw it in the mail box and hope for the best?  Fingers crossed, Lady.  I hope, hope, HOPE it gets to you!

In relaying this story to Hubby, here's his fabulous reply.  " works for Santa!" 


Day 22:  How have you changed in the past two years?

2009:  I was a mom to one child, and expecting another child.  I was back to working full-time, and quite busy with my new-ish job.  

2011:  I have two children, and I am working full-time, anticipating a new position with the same company.  

Well, I guess not a whole lot has changed in the last two years.  But, my knitting has improved tremendously.  :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

"Have You Met Ted?"

Day 21:  One of your Favorite TV Shows

Brian and I watch this show on Monday nights:  How I Met Your Mother.  Freakin' hilarious.  The actors work so well together, and I'll watch Neil Patrick Harris act himself out of a paper bag.  The show features a comedic ensemble of six characters, the narrator of which is Ted.  It's all about Ted telling his kids about what life was like before he met their mother and the things leading up to that.  And it keeps you guessing who the mother is.   Brian and I quote the show a lot:

"We're going to need a general idea here."  GENERAL IDEA.  (with them saluting as they say it.)

Suit up!  It's gonna be legend- (wait for it) dary!

If you like to laugh, and you haven't seen this show, then you are cheating yourself.  It's even in syndication now.  Seriously....go!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Start of "The List"

As I've mentioned before, I am a chronic list-maker.  I also like to plan things up front big-time, so I know what to expect.  (Having children has made me realize just HOW MUCH that doesn't work sometimes, and sometimes the best laid-plan is just that...out the window.)

Anyway,  we've been meaning to sit down and have a conversation for a while now about selling our current home and when we are going to do that, where we want to live, etc etc etc.  We've batted it around a little bit in the past year, and we have arrived at the realization that our cute lil' starter house that we bought almost ten years ago (TEN?  Really?) for the two of us is now pretty much bursting at the seams.  The two of us, adding a dog and two children ten years later, and it's chaos.  We do the best we can at paring down belongings and trying to keep things not too cluttered, but it's really hard.

So today, we started making a list of the things that we think need to be done before we can put this house on the market in two years.  And we actually grabbed a notepad (Phineas and Ferb, natch) to jot these things down.

And after the list was written, I felt the need to sit down, perhaps with a stiff drink in hand:

Wow.  Flooring, carpet, painting, ceiling, countertops, wiring, roofing?  Piece o' cake.  (hahahahahahaha)

Will was sitting with us, making his own list:

"did we eat lunch?  Check.  Did we mop the floor?  Check.  Am I having fun, playing on the "bus" that I built with the kitchen chairs?  Check, CHECK!"

First up:We have decided to turn the living room and dining rooms over from carpet to laminate or bamboo flooring.  We are NOT crazy enough to do both at the same time, so the living room will be first.    Next up, our helper was only too happy to measure out and help price laminate, and to peek under the carpet to see what was under there.  Not what you'd expect....vinyl in the dining room and subfloor in the living room.

Can I just tell you how excited I am to be getting rid of this carpet???  :)


Day 20:  How important do you think education is?

To me, education is VERY important.  Time shows us again and again that knowledge is power.  Also, it's tough to get a job that pays well without an education.  Most jobs these days require a master's degree, even. 
Brian and I have always been students that are eager to learn.  I went to college right after HS, full-time.  Brian's path was a little different, choosing the Navy first and the college education later.  But the Navy is an education in its own way, with it's own rigorous academic schedule.  With the GI Bill, he was able to get his Bachelor's in business by going part-time.  Now he is getting his Master's Degree in Information Technology part-time as well.

Our oldest has a thirst for knowledge, and loves to learn.  I'm continually impressed with what he knows about at his age.  (And I know that I have Nick Jr. to thank for some of it)  We encourage the boys at every chance, instilling a love for reading and knowledge.

I also believe that you're never too old to get an education.  My mom, who started college after high school in the sixties, didn't finish her degree because she got married.  I was so proud to attend her graduation ceremony in 2004 as she graduated with honors with a degree in business.

What are your thoughts on education?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

With Regrets...

Day Nineteen:  Your Biggest Regret in Life.

Honestly?  There are no big regrets here.  Sure, I have small(ish) regrets, like the big scratch in my car from getting too close to the bollard in the parking lot at Subway.  Or that awesomely awful shade of purple-red hair that I had in college that I loved back then but pictures of it make me cringe now.  But I feel pretty lucky to have lived my life thus far without any major regrets.  

Friday, August 19, 2011

Open Book, Turn Pages, Repeat :)

Day 18:  What is a book you could read over and over again and never get sick of?

I have many, many, MANY books like this.  But if I have to pick just one....I choose "Good in Bed" by Jennifer Weiner.  (and this year is the tenth anniversary of "Good in Bed...hard to believe!)

Get your mind out of the gutter, it's not that kind of book.  My mom reads this blog!  Shame on you!  :)
The main character is Cannie Shapiro and at the beginning of the story, her boyfriend has just dumped her and written a column in a magazine about falling in love with a "larger" woman.  She is of course mortified and the book takes off after that.

I've lost count of how many times I have read this book.  It's my go-to book when I am looking for a quick couple of paragraphs to keep me company at breakfast, or bored with nothing else to read.  The characters and Cannie's life as a whole just seem very realistic to me, and the ending is beautiful.  No, I won't spoil it for you, if you haven't read it go and check it out.  It was Jennifer Weiner's breakthrough book, and she has gone on to write a few others.  None of them grabbed me the way "Good in Bed" did, but my second favorite of hers was "Little Earthquakes" and I did enjoy the others.  She is also now the writer and (I believe) producer of the show "State of Georgia" on ABC Family.

Other runners-up for books I could (and have) read over and over:

"Not Without My Daughter" by Betty Mahmoody.    The story of a woman and daughter being kidnapped by her husband and whisked off to his home country of Iran in the eighties.  Riveting stuff, especially since it's a true story.

"Sleeping with the Enemy" by Nancy Price.  Fiction, about a woman who escapes her abusive husband by faking her own death.  My copy is worn out from reading it.

Both are dark choices for my usual sunny disposition.  Both feature strong women getting out of bad situations.  And although I enjoy the work of both Sally Field (Daughter) and Julia Roberts (Enemy), I didn't like either film adaptation.

What books do you have on your "repeat" list?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Highs and Lows

Day Seventeen:  What are your highs and lows of the past year?

"I cannot change the waves, but I can learn to surf."  -Author Unknown.

Highs and lows.....I ride 'em like everyone else, but I try to forget the lows.  Or at least, keep my blog about the highs.  But for the sake of following the challenge, I'll share some.

Lows:  Just the general stress level around some of the time.  Having my patience tested every single day, in all aspects of my life.  With the boys and trying to see things as "just a phase" and trying not to get angry about "typical" behaviors.  But as far as patience goes, waiting on my new job.  That has not been easy.  But I am strong, and I just keep plugging along.

Highs:  Watching my boys grow and marveling at the skills that they are learning to possess.  Sean learning to talk, and the boys playing together.  (Albeit not nicely all of the time)  And taking a cruise with my husband by ourselves, getting a little "us" time.

What are your highs and lows?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Billboard's Top Forty? Not in about ten years.

Day 16:  Your views on mainstream music.

Today's topic in the thirty-day blog challenge is going to be a very short post.  Because.....I know nothing about mainstream music.  I'm an old fart when it comes to music, whatever "current hits" that I have heard accidentally I have not liked.  I am very much stuck on what I grew up on, and what was popular when I was in HS or college.  I guess that is a little bit sad, but oh well.  If it's not on my iPod or on a handful of radio stations that are preset in my car, chances are good that I haven't heard it.  I do realize that I will hear more current music as the boys get older, and perhaps I'll appreciate it.  Anything's possible.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Big Fifteen

Day Fifteen:  Write 15 interesting facts about yourself.

15 "interesting" facts?  I don't find myself to be all that intriguing but I will go for it!

1.  I won a radio contest once.  You had to call in with an answer related to an article in Cosmo Magazine.  I don't remember the question, but the answer was "Viagra."  I remember being slightly embarrassed hearing my voice say "Viagra" on the radio!  I won a pair of tickets to see Tori Amos in Boston, which I never used.

2.  I am terrified of butterflies.  Well, groups of kamikaze butterflies.  This comes from attending a wedding at a butterfly conservatory.  The bridge and groom were nature lovers and got married at one of these places, saying their vows while butterflies flitted and dove all around.  It was lovely (looking.)  One landed on my skirt and would not leave me alone.  Butterflies are stalkers!!!

3.  In high school I worked at the local McDonald's.  I started out at the front counter, moved to the drive-thru and then worked in the kitchen, too.  I used to love Saturdays, 'cause it was so busy and the time would fly by.  However, to this day, when I am stressed out I dream about working at Mickey D's all by myself: collecting the money and making the burgers.  And three buses have just pulled in!

4.  I have a crackerjack memory.  I can remember my first bus driver's name, and my phone number in 1982.  If we were friends in HS and you don't remember the name of the cute guy you took to prom, I do.  If we worked together in 2000 and saw each other for the first time since then tomorrow, I will still remember what was going on in your life then and ask you how your brother is doing.  I SO wish I could apply this superpower to things like "Where are my keys?" and "Did we feed the dog today?"  But alas I cannot.

5.  I wish very much that I could sing.  But honestly, I can't carry a tune in a bucket.  That doesn't stop me from singing at top volume in the car, or lullabies to the kids at night.  I don't think they realize that my singing's bad, because they keep asking me to continue, night after night.

6.  In high school, I totalled my first car.  Totally my fault.  It also didn't help that I had my spanish exchange student in the car too.  We were both fine, but I'll bet *that* wasn't the kind of "American experience" that he was looking for!

7.  I kind of want a tattoo.  But tattoos are forever, and I can't think of anything that I want on my body for the rest of my life.  Not to mention how those are gonna look when cooling my jets at the nursing home!

8.  I had LASIK surgery done in 2007. I am not going to lie: surgery on your eyes while you're wide awake, even with the aid of valium,  is scary as hell!  But not wearing glasses or contacts sure is worth it.  Nothing compares to crystal-clear vision!

9.  I named my feet as a child.  The left one was "Bono" and the right one was "Adie."  :)

10.  I can change a tire, check the oil level and I always pump my own gas.  All skills my Dad insisted on me having.  Because of him, I can also drive a nail, shoot a basketball, drive a stickshift and mow the lawn.  Thanks Dad, for helping shape my status as an independent woman!

11.  I am not a picky eater by any means.  I have a motto:  "I'll try anything once."  Because of said motto, I can honestly say that I don't like lamb, venison or scrapple.  Especially scrapple.

12.  If this family had been blessed with a girl, her name would have been Abigail.  Interestingly enough, that is what my brother and sis-in-law are naming their daughter, due in November.

13.  Brian likes to tease me about knowing someone everywhere we go.  Once, on a trip to Disney World, he said in a restaurant:  "Ginny, you're not allowed to know anyone on this trip."  Not two seconds later, from across the restaurant:  Ginny N____?  Is that YOU?!"  Brian:  "Christ Almighty....what did I just say?"  :)

14.   I am somewhat of what you would call a "Rent-Head."  What's that, you say?  It's a person that is obsessed with the Broadway show "Rent."  Now, I haven't seen the show hundreds of times like some people out there, or stalked the cast like others that I know.  (Well hello, Moe!)  But if the show's in town, yeah, I'm gonna go and see it!  Of course I know all of the lyrics by heart.  And I will belt them out in the car.  (See #5)

15.  And finally, I was once mistaken for a nun.  In their defense, I was having lunch with a group of nuns in their convent.  Can you see that?  Sister Ginny.  HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dig Deep--First Memories

Day 14:  What is your Earliest Memory?

My first fuzzy-ish memory is coming home with my mom to the apartment that my parents rented when I was about two years old.  It isn't much, just that my mom opened the apartment door and I remember their cat, Sarah, darting across the room.  I don't know why this made an impression on my formidable brain.

My first very clear memory is around 2 3/4 years old, in October, 1979.  I can give that exact number because of the timeline of the memory.  I remember waking up in the same apartment, coming out to the dining room and seeing my father.  I asked where Mommy was, and my dad said  "Your Mom is at the hospital with your new baby brother!"  I don't remember meeting him, or my reaction to the news, just Dad telling me about my brother's birth.

I often look at my two boys and wonder what they'll remember later on, and what their first memory might be.  I look forward to asking them the same question someday!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sometimes "Nothing" is Something!

I trotted out Ditto at knitting last week, and attached the sleeves.  I wasn't feeling very well and even left early, after attaching the sleeves to the sweater.  All week I fretted.....did I put them on correctly?  Or are they on backwards and I'm going to have to fix it?  Dread, dread dread.  Visiting my parents yesterday, I took out the sweater to show my mother, who has a lot more experience reading patterns than I do.  Before I even showed it to her, I had an A-ha! moment and realized that the notches for the underarm seam matched up perfectly and I could puzzle out how they would be sewn together.  Hooray!  So that just goes to show you....sometimes leaving something alone and thinking about it will bring you to the solution, and not have to do anything.  When I first noticed this I was ready to rip out stitches and try again.  How mad would I have been if I had done that and found out that I had it right the first time?  That's right......damn mad.  Curses ablaze!

While visiting my parents yesterday Mom and I went to a local yarn shop in Putnam, CT.  It's a cute little shop with lots of gorgeous yarn.  And for its size, there really was a great selection.  Mom needed some buttons for her current project(s) so I poked around too, and found the perfect buttons for Ditto.  I don't think they'll photograph well, otherwise I would share.

On to the yoke....that's the top front of the cardigan.  This yoke is a funky ribbed top, which I had to get a video on YouTube last night to figure out.  Two minutes later I was humming right along.  Not too minutes after that, I was lamenting the fact that I had to rip out an entire row because of getting mixed up.  (Sometimes one should not knit late at night.)  Tink, tink, tink.  Taking stitches out one at a time, quite possibly another thing I shouldn't do late at night!  I wrote myself a note not to just pick it up and start working on it, to finish taking out the blasted row.  And so this morning, while watching Disney Channel with the boys, with Sean sitting on my feet, I got it right.  All is right in the (knitting) world!

Side note:  why would I write myself a note, reminding to finish ripping something out?  I'm pretty forgetful, and I was afraid I'd make it worse.  After all, I've double-bought yarn, ordering it from Knitpicks on Friday afternoon and forgot and went shopping for the same stuff!  *snicker.*  Better luck next time.

We're Going on a Trip!

Day Thirteen:  Somewhere You'd Like to Move or Visit:

There really is nowhere that I want to move, I'm quite comfortable where I am.  In a couple of years, we plan on selling this home and moving into a bigger one, but plan on staying in this area.  I'm a New England girl, and have a hard time picturing living anywhere besides Massachusetts.  It's what I know, and I feel settled and content.  When Brian and I first were married and he was getting out of the Navy, we lived in New Hampshire.  We were both pretty certain that we had no interest in staying where we were, and decided to settle in either Pennsylvania or Massachusetts.  Massachusetts won, because I had a job I could come back to, plus it was relatively easy to find an apartment.  And with a little research, we soon found that job opportunities for Brian were more plentiful in MA than in PA.  So it was an easy decision.  Not that I wouldn't have been happy in Pennsylvania, I think it's a beautiful state with a rich history.

Now, the list of places I'd like to visit.....that's another story!  I enjoy traveling, and pretty much will take any opportunities given to me to travel.  And I'm lucky to be married to a man that likes traveling as well.  However, he has no interest in traveling outside of the United States, and I have quite a few places on my list that I want to see in other parts of the globe.  Perhaps when the kiddos are grown.

United States
San Diego:  I've been intrigued since my parents went on a trip there ten years ago.
Seattle:  I don't know why.  It just sounds beautiful.
Alaska:  We plan on taking an Alaskan cruise someday.  I've heard nothing but good things!
Outer Banks, North Carolina:  I've been once and it was one of the nicest vacations ever.  So nice, we're going back next year.
Wisconsin and Minnesota:  Wisconsin surprised me last year....I would really like to go back.  And a blog that I read, called The Yarnista, makes Minnesota sound serene and beautiful.
Chicago:  I'd love to explore this city.
And naturally:  Hawaii.

Outside of the United States
Southern coast of Spain:  I've been to northern Spain, but have never seen the beauty of the southern coast.  Oh, and Barcelona.  I'd love to go there too.
I'd like to explore more of Canada.  So far I've seen Prince Edward Island and Saint John, New Brunswick.  I'd also like to see Vancouver, Toronto, and Halifax.
And finally, I want to see Italy.  All of it.  This is the one trip that I will not allow Hubby to say "no" to forever!

There you have it.  The list I'm sure is longer than I've written, and over time I'm sure there will be more.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Play-by-Play

Day Twelve:  Bullet your entire day.

My Day, 8/8/11

6:30am:  Hubby wakes me up after he gets out of the shower.  After not being able to fall asleep until 1AM, and Will coming in after having a bad dream at 4:28am, I am going to require more coffee than usual.  Will is snuggled on my bedroom floor, still sleeping with his arm wrapped around "Superdog." 

6:45:  Hubby comes into the bathroom while I am in the shower with a cup of coffee to say goodbye on his way out.  He forgets that he's working late and I'm supposed to get both kids.  I remind him.  And I'm the tired one!

(p.s.  I wake up by Hubby's hand every morning instead of an alarm clock.  And he always brings me a cup of coffee while I'm in the shower.  Sorry ladies, he's taken.  And I do know just how lucky I am!!)

7:05am:  Will is perched on the couch, cereal in front of him and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I sit down with coffee and knit a couple of rows on my Dad's christmas present.  Once coffee is gone, it's time to get ready.  This is a huge stress-reliever every day.

7:30:  Remind Will that he needs to get dressed instead of building a robot in his bedroom.  He begrudgingly stops.  Feel slightly bad for disturbing his creativity, but hey, work and school calls. 

8:05am:  hair frizzy, makeup applied and dressed.  Time to get the Sean up and ready to greet the day.  He isn't in a great mood.  (Good, he hates Mondays too!)  After dressing and changing, we head to give him breakfast, and he throws a temper tantrum.  Awesome.  Once he sees me pouring milk into a sippy cup and bringing out the blueberries, it's like he has a switch and has turned the tantrum off.  Big Kid is clamoring for milk and a cereal bar.  Cereal bar doled out, I find my shoes and go to put the car back into the driveway and load our mounds o' stuff into the car.

9:15am:  two dropoffs completed, and I am pulling into work.  I've got Oldest Friend on my phone, and I'm wishing her a Happy Birthday!  It's days like today that I wish she didn't live in Florida.

9:30am:  starting the day by making my to-do list and checking messages.  Ugh.  I think I already need more coffee, this list is ugly. 

9:45:  find out that a vendor wants to take us out to lunch today, to a fancy fish place.  Yay!  That makes the day a little better.  Suddenly wishing I'd worn something a little nicer than khakis and a polo.  No lipstick, and a ponytail to boot.  Awesome.

(Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.  I won't bore you with the details.)

11:30am:  Lunch.  Delicous, as always.  Of course I text Hubby and he is jealous.  (He always gloats when he gets to eat something special that I don't so this is only fair.)

1:30pm:  Errands run.  Now time for phonecalls, writing up 30-day notices, and getting ready for court later this week.  Ah, housing court.  It's like a vacation. 

2:30-4:00pm:  playing with the computer system and posting people's rents.  Going into total shock over the amount of filing that I have.  I seriously could build a fortress around my desk with it. 

4:30pm:  Surprise!  Hubby calls and tells me that he's not working late after all.  Now I only have one stop on the way home

5:30 pm:  Supper on the table.   Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo.  Will had expressed some interest in alfredo, so we were happy to see if he would eat it.  Eh...not so much.  He did try some broccoli without screaming tonight, so I'm calling it a win.  Sean swept all of his food down onto the floor for the dog.  Ugh.

6:23pm:  Quick run out to Joann Fabrics.  (By myself!!!)  I'm working on finishing a baby sweater for my friend's step-daughter and I needed buttons.  I called my friend on the way so I could get the play-by-play of the baby shower.  Her family is, in a polite word, interesting.  When I get home, there's a brown bunny in my yard!  (tell him he's cute but he'd better stop eating my zucchini leaves.  And if it's not him, tell him to warn his friends)

Housework, gardening, folding laundry, Brian mowing the lawn and me keeping an eye on the boys. Picked a big bag of green beans to bring to the daycare provider tomorrow.  :)  Disappointed that there has been only one zucchini, though.

7:09pm:  Will "gently" reminds me that I said that we could watch "Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension" today.  Have I mentioned that we've watched it every day since it debuted on Friday?  I don't mind though, it's a really entertaining show for adults and kids alike.  The writing is excellent, and the characters are likeable.  Plus I usually knit through it.

I should also mention that now both kids are hungry from not eating their dinner.  

8:45pm:  getting Will ready for bed.  Hope it's not going to be a big production tonight.

The rest of the night?  packing diaper and school bags, picking out clothes for tomorrow and knitting.

11:00pmish:  head to bed, to start it all again tomorrow.  Good Night!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Shufflin' Around

Day  Eleven of Blog Challenge:   Put your iPod on "Shuffle" and write down the first ten songs that play.

I sat in my car this morning, pen in hand and notebook poised.  I'm sure that people were looking at me funny, but hey, they usually do.  :)  Here is my list:

1.  "Sleep to Dream" by Fiona Apple.  I was mildly obsessed with Fiona Apple my junior year of college.  There's something haunting about her melodies and piano-playing.

2.  "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie.  I love, love, LOVE Queen!

3.  "Honky Tonk Woman" covered by Billy Joel, live.  Brian and I are huugggeee Billy Joel fans.  I've had the pleasure of seeing Billy Joel in concert once and it was one of the best shows I have ever been to.

4.  "Perfect" by Alanis Morrissette.  To me, her best album will always be "Jagged Little Pill."  There was a lot of anger there, and it suited my mood at the time that it came out.

5.  "When Will I Be Loved?" from the 8 Seconds Soundtrack.  Remember that movie?  It starred Luke Perry as a bull rider.  It's one of Hubby's favorite movies, so I am sure that if this song is on my iPod, it's his influence.

6.  "Lady Picture Show" by Stone Temple Pilots.  Another 90's influence.

7.  "Lord of the Thighs" by Aerosmith.  I am a pretty big Aerosmith fan.  Though I MUCH prefer their older stuff from the seventies and a little eighties then the stuff they're cranking out now. 

8.  "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes.  This is just another example of how behind the times that I am, everyone around me discovered the gem that is the White Stripes a while ago.  I am a recent convert.  Heck, my Mom had the White Stripes playing on HER iPod years ago!  (that's not an old comment.  Mom has always had more modern taste in music than me.)

9.  "Next Time" by Barenaked Ladies.  Ahhh, BNL.  Brian and I fell in love listening to BNL.  It's just not the same without Steven Page, though.  I wish that someday he and the rest of the band could work out their issues, but it probably never will happen.  More current BNL music?  The remaining four BNL members did the theme song for that TV show that I've been enjoying lately, "The Big Bang Theory."

10.  "Something There" from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack.  One of my favorite Disney movies, and Will enjoys listening to it in the car, too.

There you have it.  Pretty eclectic taste, no?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Those Guilty Pleasures

Day Ten of Blog Challenge:  What are your guilty pleasure(s)?

I think everyone knows my guilty pleasures, since I write about them so much! 

As far as activities just for me go, I'm happiest when knitting.  I've been smitten for a few years now and I don't see the obsessiveness stopping anytime soon.  Those 10-15 minutes every morning, sipping my coffee with a project in my lap, are worth their weight in gold.  But I suppose I can't call it a "guilty" pleasure per se, since what I make is mostly for other people and I do make things for charity.  The other is yarn shopping.  I think that I may be in love more with the yarn itself than the act of knitting.  Just perusing the shelves at a shop, squeezing a skein or petting it for its softness...ahhhhhh.  Looking at yarn, dreaming of its possibilities.

Books are another guilty pleasure.  I love a good story.  When I was younger and living at home, one of my favorite guilty pleasures was if I woke up earlier than the rest of the family on a Saturday morning, to get a little bowl of ice cream and head back to bed with my book.  Starting a day off with ice cream and a book in bed still sounds pretty damn good to me!

I am also a sucker for beauty products and spa treatments.  I still adore beauty products at places like Sephora and Bath and Body Works, it reminds me of a candy store.  I don't spend a ton of money on that stuff anymore though, so when I do get new fancy products it is a rare treat.  I used to get regular massages, because they do SO MUCH for stress relief.  And pedicures too, because there's nothing like pretty feet.  My parents get me a gift certificate to the local spa every year for my birthday, and I still get so excited over it!

Here's an odd one:  I used to love back-to-school season for the new supplies that it would bring.  And I still get the same feeling opening a new notebook or package of pens.  I LOVE opening up a new box of Crayola crayons for my boys, because the smell alone takes me right back to grade school. 

What are your guilty pleasures?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Dream Job

Blog Challenge, Day Nine:  If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

As a kid, I would have never said "I wanna be a property manager when I grow up!"  I had several standard answers....actress, author, teacher, veterenarian.... Although I still to this day love the idea of performance and wish I'd gotten more involved in theater in college, the only acting I ever did was the occasional little kid school play and I took an improv class in college.  The class was awesome, I loved every minute of it!  And I played a great chicken in my kindergarten play.  :)  I also thought that being a veterenarian was cool, because you get to take care of animals.  I don't think I could have handled it when they were very sick and crossed the rainbow bridge, though.  And I don't have the scientific brain to be a doctor, I just don't.

 I moved on to wanting to be an author after reading all of the "Little House on the Prairie" books.  Little did I realize that Laura Ingalls Wilder wasn't an author until her sixties and seventies, that she was mainly a farmer's wife and contributed to their farm.  I guess blogging for my benefit as well as the handful of people that read this blog is a small realization of that dream!

In college, I worked at a coffee shop, and it fueled the desire to open my own coffee shop someday.  I would bask in the warm glow of that idea, OWNING a coffee shop, having "regulars" and talking to them.  That bubble burst when I sat back and saw the reality of it:  open every day, working by myself a lot, smelling like coffee grounds and bleach cleanser all the time.  And the hiring and firing of employees, I saw the owner of the coffee shop in college have to do that a lot. It happens, when you have a coffee shop in a college town.  College kids aren't always the best employees, and career-minded.  I'm qualified to say that:  I was a college kid once!

So honestly?  I don't know if I have a "dream job" anymore.  I do enjoy property management, though I am an elderly housing specialist by trade and kind of "fell"into managing a family housing complex.  I never expected my career to lead me here, and it's not someplace that I am comfortable or want to stay.  And hopefully, HOPEFULLY, before this thirty-day challenge is over, I will be back at an elderly site, interviewing applicants for my new building.  So I'd say, my perfect-for-me job...working in elderly housing.  It's not the easiest thing and it's not without its problems.  But I know that I was happiest when I was doing just that.

Wordless Wednesday: Artwork

Mommy took an unexpected day off today when the daycare had an emergency close.  So the boys and I spent some time on artwork this rainy morning!

 Sean joining in on the fun

 Will displaying some paper bag art.

 Will proudly showing off something that we collaborated on together.  

My parents will surely recognize our work:  it's a swirl picture!  I used to make a lot of these as a girl.

After naptime....perhaps baking cookies is in order.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Un momento de satisfacción en mi vida

Blog Challenge, Day Eight:  A Moment where you have felt Satisfied in Your Life...

I had this moment of satisfaction the other day:  I was at another apartment site, helping out the manager with something.  After our meeting with one of her applicants, she was showing me the new building and its amenities, and introduced me to her administrative assistant.  We were chatting about some of the things that she and I have collaborated on over the past couple of years, and one of those things was helping with one of her residents who needed help and didn't speak English.  The manager said, "Oh, Ginny's bilingual."

Bilingual.  I've never exactly thought of myself as bilingual, but I guess I am!  My command of the Spanish language is pretty good, though I understand the language much better than I speak it.  Also, if the conversation doesn't involve housing, I tend to get a little shy and clam up.  I've worked hard to learn the language, and hispanic culture in general.  And my efforts have paid off:  Recently I went out to lunch with a co-worker who is truly bilingual, and we went out to a restaurant that serves Latino cuisine.  Everyone in the restaurant was speaking Spanish, and I started to doubt my abilities.  However, I was able to order for myself, and even got in "I'm paying for both of us" when the bill came!  Not bad.  But even better:  upon being asked a question about a peculiar odor in the hallway, I came out with this without missing a beat or even thinking about it:  "I don't know why the second floor hallway smells like cat pee by the elevator.  But you're right, it does."

Ladies and Gents, with that sentence, I've arrived!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Toys, Toys, Toys!!!

Day Seven of Blog Challenge:  What were your favorite childhood toys?

I am a child of the eighties, and man oh man, we had the BEST toys!  So good in fact, many of them are coming out again for our kids.

I will start with the one type of these toys that I actually still have!

 Cabbage Patch Kids!  These were all the rage when I was in grade school, they were the BIG toy.  I had several of them, but I'll never forget my first one.  She was a little blonde doll, and her name was Glynis Rhonda.  (they always had such foufy names, no?)  I am almost embarrassed to admit that she is 27 years old!  My oldest friend, who lived down the street from me growing up, and I would get all of our dolls together and have parties with them.  When Oldest Friend was moving around a lot, she asked me to hold onto hers. We were like schoolkids again, pulling them out of their boxes and lining them up in my basement and giggling.  I'll never bring them up for my boys to play with, they still mean a lot to me.

This is a toy that was hot a few years ago.  Though Miss Strawberry had a makeover and looks totally cooler now, this is what she looked like when I used to play with her and her friends in 1982!  I always thought that it was so neat that they smelled like strawberries, blueberries and lemon.  Or should I say, fruit-scented plastic.

I was SUCH a My Little Pony Girl!  I loved my ponies, and they got waay more attention than the few Barbies that I had.  (I never really was much for Barbie, but Oldest Friend was.)  I still remember Christmas in third grade, getting a stable and the pink Pony Castle for Christmas.  What a year for that little girl!  :)

I also enjoyed some of my brother's toys:  He-Man and Construx.  We used to stage battles with He-Man and Skeletor, and all was cool until my brother dumped the slime from Skeletor's Castle in my hair.  Then I was kinda done with He-Man.  And we used to make huge buildings from his plastic Construx, and weapons too. Then we would fight to see who could knock them over.  One of us would do the knocking over, the other usually cried about it.  Ah....childhood and siblings!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sags Rule!

Blog Challenge, Day Six:  What is your Zodiac Sign and Does its Characteristics Fit you?

I am a Sagittarius.  According to the internet, here are the characteristics.

Undying optimistic attitude, but tendency to gloss over problems or avoid difficult situations.  Sagittarius tend to love adventure, travel and philosophy -- all ways of extending beyond your immediate surroundings.   Sagittarius often look at the sunny side of life and the silver lining to any dark cloud. Sagittarius are honest to a fault, for you can say what's on your mind before you realize that someone's feelings might be hurt.  The Sagittarius motto is "It is better to know how to learn than to know." You seek knowledge and wisdom, never tiring of the quest for what is yet to come. Others enjoy being with you when you are in your outgoing and joyful mood, but you can become more sullen if you feel that your wings have been clipped. Even in a restrictive situation, however, you'll not lose hope--and it is this inspirational perspective that leads you to your greatest success.

Well!  I'd definitely say that some of that is true.  I am an eternal optimist, that's for sure.  I do dislike confrontation, but have learned to deal with it.  After all, it's part of my job and the more you do it, the easier it gets.  I am breathtakingly honest, but not to the point of hurting people's feelings.    And yes, I DO love adventure and travel.  I've also heard that Sagittarians love to party.  I enjoy a good party, if left up to me I'm the last one to leave.  BUT there are also those times where I really cherish my quiet time.  So although there's some truth to the characteristics, the only one I really identify with 100% is the positive attitude.  

If you looked up the characteristics of your zodiac, would you identify with them?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Full Stocks

In cleaning up a bit today, I had another pair of mittens to pin together and put away for charity.  I keep two plastic Rubbermaid bins in the closet in Sean's room for stuff that I knit for either charity or Christmas gifts.  Well, they're both full to the gills.   (Why store them in Sean's room?  His closet was the only one that had any room.  Storage space in this house is minimally ridiculous.)  I knit mittens from stash yarn, mostly leftovers from projects that I have already completed.  Once I get to a baker's dozen I'll ship these sweeties off to Knit for Boston, along with a couple of stash hats that I've made.  There are also a couple of baby blankets and some pink baby-girl hats for Stitches from the Heart put together, I plan on sending them after Christmas.

I have so, so many things I want to knit before the end of the year!  According to my little widget, I've knit about six and a half miles already since January first.  WOW!!  And I only add projects to that widget once they're finished, so with half a sweater and a few other things on the needles, I've done even more.  I still have at least two Christmas gifts to go, plus a couple of babies on the way.  And I know that I said that I would never make any animals or amigurimi, but Will fell in love with a stuffed snake toy at Webs, so I want to make him one for his birthday.

Hmm.  Think I need to plan on buying another box.  :)

Comfort Food

Day Five of Blog Challenge:  What are your favorite comfort foods, and why?

Ice Cream:  to me this is the ultimate treat.  Sugary, creamy, cold and sweet, it puts a smile on my face instantly.  I used to eat it every night, but curbed that a while ago in order to lose weight.  Now it's only a weekend treat, but when stressed it's the thing that I crave most.  Coffee is my favorite, but I love cookies n cream, chocolate, black raspberry, well, just about anything except Mint.  And I was sooooo sad when Hood stopped making "Heavenly Hash" ice cream:  chocolate, marshmallow, chips and nuts. 

Roast Beef:  the smell of a roast in the oven instantly brings me back to childhood Christmases, where my grandfather would carve the beef in front of everyone.  He had such showmanship!  And it was always perfect, melt-in-your-mouth with just a little pink.  If I could eat that again with my mom's mashed potatoes, I would be the happiest girl alive. 

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese:  'nuff said.  I expect that this will show up on lots of people's lists!!

A stack of banana pancakes:  toasted pecans and whipped cream optional. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Religious Views

Blog Challenge, Day Four:  What are your views on religion?

My brother and I grew up in a Catholic Family.  We both went through CCD, made our sacraments, and I went on to a Catholic university.  I consider myself to be a spiritual person.   I believe in God but don't believe that Catholicism is better than any of the other many faiths out there.  Our boys were baptized, but we don't go to church.  This may change later, but then again it may not.

I also respect other religions, and am curious.  I wish that I had taken a "World Religions" class in college when it was offered, since I feel that I don't know much about Judaism, Islam and Buddhism.  I am open to new things, and I appreciate an open mind over trying to force religion onto people.  That's about it in a nutshell.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What's Buggin' You?

Day Three of Blog Challenge:  What are your five top pet peeves?

You mean I can only pick five?  Just kidding, I'm a pretty easy-going person and I don't have hundreds.  But the ones that I do have a deep-rooted.  Some are small and silly, some a HUGE.

The top five things that drive me beserk, from small to big:

1.  Not putting food back in cabinets.  For example, the cereal box after you're finished pouring a bowl.  Although then I have to be irritated with myself, because I famously leave out the peanut butter almost every day!

2.  Stuff that at doesn't belong in the dryer going there.  I tend to get a little testy when I find my sweaters or a bra in the dryer.

3.  Bad grammar and spelling.  Wait, let me clarify:  It's OK to not have great spelling skills.  But if you know that your spelling skills aren't up to par, take the time to proofread!!  Sometimes it's tough to live in the age of texting.  But really, text talk belongs in texts, and nowhere else.

4.  Going to the beach or the park, and seeing a kid running around with a sunburn.  In this day and age where many places offer sunscreen, there really is no excuse.

5.  People who blame everything on everyone else, but don't take any of the blame.  At some point, you have to take some control over your life and be responsible for what you want to get out of it.  You're bored?  Not happy with how things are turning out?  Do something about it.  I'm not talking about venting, or periods of unhappiness, I'm taking about perpetual victims of society.

Talk to me:  what bugs you?

The Sentinel

I've got a miserable cold.   Summer colds are the worst, no?  I felt crappy enough to come home from knitting early last night, which NEVER happens!  And even rarer, I was in bed before 9pm.  I am a total night owl, so now I really know that I was sick.  The boys went to bed right before me, and since I hadn't stopped for milk on the way home, Hubby came into our room and announced that he was running down to CVS to get it.

No sooner had he closed the door and headed out into the driveway, our dog Joey jumped onto our bed and placed himself, snuggled against me.  Whenever Brian or I aren't feeling well, he stands guard.  The window was open, since it was a cooler night.  Every little sound, his ears would prick upwards as if to say, "Hey, my Mom's sick.  Let her rest!"  When Will came flying into our room at 11pm because "he couldn't sleep" Joey gave him a sidewise glance that said "Are you kidding me?  Mom needs her rest, dude!"  And at four AM when I got out of bed for more medicine, he followed me right at my heels to keep me company.

That's Joey, our protector.  I often describe him as a "honey of a dog."  And he really is.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ten Years Down the Road

Day Two of Blog Challenge:  Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Hmmmm.   I have a tough time looking into the future but let's give this a try. In ten years I will be in my mid-forties.  I will have a younger teenager and a pre-teen.  (Gahhhhhhh!)  Brian, boys and I will be in a different home than we are now, as we are seriously outgrowing the home that we have now and intend to put it on the market in about two years.  Hopefully we will be living in the same area as we are now, since we like it and it has a great school system. 

As for myself, I expect that I will be an older, softer version of myself.   Hopefully I'll still have a sense of humor about life's little ironies, and will have learned not to take things so personally sometimes.  Will I still be in Property Management?  Yeah, I think so.  Perhaps not working on an apartment site, doing the day-to-day tasks and dealing with the (sometimes)  daily drama.  My, that was a lot of D's.  :)  I am happy with what I do for a living, though I will be MUCH happier when I eventually (Finally!!) get back to working in elderly housing.  Other than that, who knows what the future holds. 

What does your ten year path look like?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Little Challenge

My friend Magee posted a little challenge on her blog this morning, a thirty day challenge of topics to write about.  She, like me, is often wanting to write but out of subjects.  Here's a list...I tried to change the small print but am having a tough time:
Day 1:  Your Current Relationship.

I met my husband in 1998, at a seedy dance club in downtown Providence, RI.  We were married 2.5 years later.  He and I compliment each other perfectly and make for great partners.  We love to cook together, and have a similar sense of humor.  Because you HAVE to have a good sense of humor in this thing called parenthood, right?   I have a bit of a fiery temper, and he is usually the cooler head that prevails.  He keeps me calm, he keeps me sane, and he keeps me in stitches.  I wouldn't want to know what life would be like without him.  He's my rock, and he is a great husband and father.