Monday, November 30, 2015

Today's Special

After 2.5 years of living in this house, we're finally getting around to decorating some of it.  Recently I had a thought:  that if I had to go through another winter of being stuck in our house because of the weather, I would need some stuff to look at besides bare walls.

Check it out!

I had an idea (from Pinterest) to repurpose an old window as a menu board.  We do write a weekly menu (and actually stick to it 90% of the time!) and I thought that this would look cool.  And I was right.

I got an old window from my friend Danielle, whose mother collects them for art projects.  Brian cleaned it and then touched up the frame.  Then he got some chalkboard spray paint and did the panes.  Voila!  Our very own "specials" board.  Not expensive either, just had to get the paints.

Next up, adding some oomph to our living room.  We're at least two years away from re-doing our living room so I think we can hang some things over the couch.  And taking down the awful wallpaper in the hallway and painting.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Literary Character Day

We got a notice from Sean's school that November 9th was "Dress Like Your Favorite Literary Character Day."  Sean was completely apathetic over the whole thing, stating that he wasn't interested and didn't want to dress up.  And I was on board with that, I wasn't going to make him put on a costume and be miserable for the day.

 Then we see a picture of his best friend on Facebook.  Best friend is dressed as Skippyjon Jones.  Suddenly, Sean is very interested.  Naturally, it's  5pm on Sunday (the day before the event) and after I had been at the New England Fiber Festival for the day, So, since he doesn't really have a "favorite" character and I have no time to shop and am too tired to be really creative, he went as MY favorite literary character....Harry Potter!  The one caveat--Sean doesn't really LIKE HP.  He's a little scared by it, which I can understand because of his age.

Dress-up was a snap, using Will's old Halloween costume.  The morning of the event, Sean's too scared of makeup application to let me draw a scar on his forehead with eyeliner, so I left him alone.  He boarded the bus in his Hogwarts Robe and the scarf that I had knit, and was surprisingly cool about the whole thing.

And for the kid that didn't want to participate?  He was still wearing the costume at the afterschool program, running around and playing in the gym.  He told me that him and his friends were coming up with their own spells that didn't need wands, since I didn't give him a wand to take to school.

The Harry Potter fangirl inside of me is smiling and jumping for joy.  Perhaps there's hope for Sean to be a fan after all!