Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Play-by-Play

Day Twelve:  Bullet your entire day.

My Day, 8/8/11

6:30am:  Hubby wakes me up after he gets out of the shower.  After not being able to fall asleep until 1AM, and Will coming in after having a bad dream at 4:28am, I am going to require more coffee than usual.  Will is snuggled on my bedroom floor, still sleeping with his arm wrapped around "Superdog." 

6:45:  Hubby comes into the bathroom while I am in the shower with a cup of coffee to say goodbye on his way out.  He forgets that he's working late and I'm supposed to get both kids.  I remind him.  And I'm the tired one!

(p.s.  I wake up by Hubby's hand every morning instead of an alarm clock.  And he always brings me a cup of coffee while I'm in the shower.  Sorry ladies, he's taken.  And I do know just how lucky I am!!)

7:05am:  Will is perched on the couch, cereal in front of him and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I sit down with coffee and knit a couple of rows on my Dad's christmas present.  Once coffee is gone, it's time to get ready.  This is a huge stress-reliever every day.

7:30:  Remind Will that he needs to get dressed instead of building a robot in his bedroom.  He begrudgingly stops.  Feel slightly bad for disturbing his creativity, but hey, work and school calls. 

8:05am:  hair frizzy, makeup applied and dressed.  Time to get the Sean up and ready to greet the day.  He isn't in a great mood.  (Good, he hates Mondays too!)  After dressing and changing, we head to give him breakfast, and he throws a temper tantrum.  Awesome.  Once he sees me pouring milk into a sippy cup and bringing out the blueberries, it's like he has a switch and has turned the tantrum off.  Big Kid is clamoring for milk and a cereal bar.  Cereal bar doled out, I find my shoes and go to put the car back into the driveway and load our mounds o' stuff into the car.

9:15am:  two dropoffs completed, and I am pulling into work.  I've got Oldest Friend on my phone, and I'm wishing her a Happy Birthday!  It's days like today that I wish she didn't live in Florida.

9:30am:  starting the day by making my to-do list and checking messages.  Ugh.  I think I already need more coffee, this list is ugly. 

9:45:  find out that a vendor wants to take us out to lunch today, to a fancy fish place.  Yay!  That makes the day a little better.  Suddenly wishing I'd worn something a little nicer than khakis and a polo.  No lipstick, and a ponytail to boot.  Awesome.

(Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.  I won't bore you with the details.)

11:30am:  Lunch.  Delicous, as always.  Of course I text Hubby and he is jealous.  (He always gloats when he gets to eat something special that I don't so this is only fair.)

1:30pm:  Errands run.  Now time for phonecalls, writing up 30-day notices, and getting ready for court later this week.  Ah, housing court.  It's like a vacation. 

2:30-4:00pm:  playing with the computer system and posting people's rents.  Going into total shock over the amount of filing that I have.  I seriously could build a fortress around my desk with it. 

4:30pm:  Surprise!  Hubby calls and tells me that he's not working late after all.  Now I only have one stop on the way home

5:30 pm:  Supper on the table.   Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo.  Will had expressed some interest in alfredo, so we were happy to see if he would eat it.  Eh...not so much.  He did try some broccoli without screaming tonight, so I'm calling it a win.  Sean swept all of his food down onto the floor for the dog.  Ugh.

6:23pm:  Quick run out to Joann Fabrics.  (By myself!!!)  I'm working on finishing a baby sweater for my friend's step-daughter and I needed buttons.  I called my friend on the way so I could get the play-by-play of the baby shower.  Her family is, in a polite word, interesting.  When I get home, there's a brown bunny in my yard!  (tell him he's cute but he'd better stop eating my zucchini leaves.  And if it's not him, tell him to warn his friends)

Housework, gardening, folding laundry, Brian mowing the lawn and me keeping an eye on the boys. Picked a big bag of green beans to bring to the daycare provider tomorrow.  :)  Disappointed that there has been only one zucchini, though.

7:09pm:  Will "gently" reminds me that I said that we could watch "Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension" today.  Have I mentioned that we've watched it every day since it debuted on Friday?  I don't mind though, it's a really entertaining show for adults and kids alike.  The writing is excellent, and the characters are likeable.  Plus I usually knit through it.

I should also mention that now both kids are hungry from not eating their dinner.  

8:45pm:  getting Will ready for bed.  Hope it's not going to be a big production tonight.

The rest of the night?  packing diaper and school bags, picking out clothes for tomorrow and knitting.

11:00pmish:  head to bed, to start it all again tomorrow.  Good Night!!

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