Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ah.....the insanity of pregnancy cravings.

I've been lucky so far...I haven't had any desire for anything crazy. Just hot and sour soup one night, and it didn't take a lot of arm-twisting to convince Brian that we needed takeout chinese for dinner. But I had a craving for caramel popcorn the other day, and it's kind of been on my mind ever since. And no, I don't want the kind that comes made in a box. I want the Orville Redenbacher microwave kit, the kind with popcorn you microwave in a bag, and a huge block of caramel that you melt into topping and then dump ceremoniously over the bowl. I usually find it at Wal-Mart but it's been years since I've had it and apparently, Wal-Mart doesn't have everything. So I turned to the trusty internet and found out that I am just some butter, brown sugar and microwave popcorn away from my obsessive treat! I love you, Orville Redenbacher!! I know what I'm having after dinner tonight. :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

What's in A Name?

Yesterday Brian and I went for an ultrasound. This was the first ultrasound for this it was the first time we got to see Baby #2! Everything measured beautifully, and although reluctant, with a little prodding from the ultrasound tech #2 told us that he's a boy! So a little brother for Will, very exciting!

Now the naming frenzy has begun. When I was pregnant with Will, we started playing the Name Game from the get-go and we ended up using NONE of them! This time, neither of us was really in the spirit until we found out what we were having. And we made sure we got Will's input as well. Newsflash---don't let your toddler name your baby! Will is particularly fond of his brother being named Pluto. As in Mickey Mouse's dog, not the former planet. I think he is going to lose that battle....hope he is not too disappointed! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

One of the Reasons I Dislike Summer

The spiders.

I'm such a bugophobe. But even I know that spiders are a good bug to have around because they eat mosquitos and other annoying flying insects. So we live by this rule, the spiders and I: They can stay outside and do their thing. But the second I see one of those fat, yucky arachnids I'm screaming bloody murder and Brian will be dispatched to squash it. (though I did kill a daddy longlegs when he was at work one morning--I had no choice but to take matter in my own, paper towel)

We have a large floodlight at the top of our house, facing the backyard. The spiders "doing their thing" usually consists of them stacking webs against the back of the house under the floodlight, like spider condos. Which makes sense, since all of these flying bugs treat the floodlight like it's crack. Most mornings I also have webs on the front porch, which I just ignore and go about my merry way. Sometimes, they are so large that I find them amazing in a creepy way.

In the mornings, Brian wakes me up after he gets out of the shower, and I mosey my way into the kitchen to let our dog Joey out, and then head for my own shower. This morning I pulled back the slider door curtain, and there it was. A HUGE spiderweb! Almost the size of half the door with the spider smack-dab in the middle, tooting his own horn. Though disgusted, I just opened the door and Joey ran out into the backyard.

Later on, I had Will in the car and had just put it in reverse to head to daycare when something on the back stairwell caught my eye. I put the car in park, turned off the engine and got out to take a look. Holy Crap! Apparently the web I saw at the slider door was the "little" one. There is a web covering the entire top of the stairs, up to the roof! It looks big enough to catch people! And the spider is in the middle of that one, looking pooped but bragging just the same. I shudder, and get back in the car.

So that is why every year, I look forward to the first cold night when all of the spiders finally go away for the year. But it's too bad they're not around for Halloween, I wouldn't have to decorate!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I've seen this on a couple of my friends' blogs and it looks like fun. So here's to being brutally honest.....

I did not get in at the wee hour of 1AM from my girls' night on Friday night! And I most certainly did not sleep until like 9:30 the next morning, only to get up and grumble and head back to bed for a little longer at 11!

I did not bribe my son with "M-nums" just to get him to clean up his toys.

I did not breathlessly anticipate his bedtime on Saturday, either, because both of us had the tired crankies.

I did not drive to the public library twice, to find it closed and that they were holding my books hostage.

I did not eat three ice cream sandwiches in one sitting last Thursday. (Personally, I blame the preggo hormones)

I most certainly was not late to work because I stopped for breakfast in the form of the McD's drive-thru.

Exercise complete. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Presents from Putnam

In my (lazy) attempts at organization and getting Will's Big Boy Room done, I've gone through all of my crafts stash. Good God, how does one accumulate so much?? The sad part is the fact that I did a big purge a year or so ago, and made some crafty freecyclers very happy!

We went to visit my family at their cottage in CT this weekend, after a fabulous girl's night on Friday with my college girlfriends. Mom, Kim and I decided to check out a yarn store in downtown Putnam called "Woolworks, Ltd." There aren't too many high quality, free-standing yarn stores out there in the world anymore, so I'm always excited to find one. What a great place! As soon as my feet hit their floor the ideas started churning. I restrained myself though, since I just went through the aforementioned stash and have three huge plastic shopping bags full.

What did catch my eye, however, were the needle cases at the register. Up until now, I've been storing my knitting needles in a ratty old grocery sack. I'd toyed with the idea of sewing myself a pretty little case, but then remembered that my skills in the sewing dept are seriously lacking. So when I spotted the lovely Vietnamese Silk cases, I immediately yearned for one. Well, until I saw the price tag. Sadly, I decided it was not meant to be, as I knew there would be a comment on it's price when I brought it home! My mother, sensing my apprehension, insisted on giving it to me as a gift. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!!! Of course, I filled it and disposed of the plastic Price Chopper bag as soon as I got home!

So Pretty!

This isn't even all of my knitting tools, I have yet to unearth them all!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Today is going to be a great day! First, it's a half day of work for me. I'm always happy for that! And the work day will be capped at a birthday lunch at an Italian restaurant that I've always wanted to try!

Then, I'll get my long-anticipated books at the library. I went last night to return some, and apparently the budget has gone through and their hours have been cut, because they were closing just as I was getting there. But it's not as bad as other places, the town next to my parents had their library lose their accreditation. Which means no library books for that town, and they can't go to my hometown to use the library anymore. But that's another post, another time.

Then tonight, I'm meeting up with my girlfriends from Salve Regina! We call ourselves "Salve Girls" when referring to each other, like we're the only girls to ever come out of there. :) I haven't seen them since around this time last year. One is driving down from Maine, another is in from California for vacation, the rest live locally. It's going to be a lot of fun! Plus, we're going to the Cheesecake Factory in Providence, which I also adore. Awesome cheesecake and drinks, though no drinks for me this time around. Can't wait to see you, ladies!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Heat Factor

Yesterday and today are in the 90's in New England. I hate this kind of weather!! Even though I have AC at home and at work, I just feel miserable. I think that has more to do with being pregnant, though.

The thing I hate about this weather the most is the laziness on my part. I have zero energy to do stuff, like clean up the house or do laundry. Ugh!

Since fall is my favorite, I've already got it on the brain. All the magazines that we subscribe to are coming with pumpkins, apples and autumn treats on the cover. And I've already started thinking about Halloween costumes. I'm going to try to NOT go to Target or Wal-Mart this year. Will and I've discussed it and he's decided he wants to be a Robot/Pirate/Handy Manny. All three! Now where can I find that! :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fenway Pahk

Yesterday was the fourth annual "Futures at Fenway" doubleheader. It's two games featuring the AA and AAA affiliates of the Boston Red Sox. Since it was a "Kids Day" activity, it seemed like a good time for Will to visit Fenway Park in Boston for the first time! We picked up Nana and Papa early and all headed into Boston. The first game was the Portland Sea Dogs, the second was the Pawtucket Red Sox.

What a crowd, what a day! Will loved the mascots (though he was disappointed that the "Natic" (Philly Phanatic) wasn't present! We munched on ballpark food, sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and rooted for the future of the Red Sox.

I should also mention now that Will is not a Red Sox fan. I know that in some parts around here that could get my butt whipped and invite all sorts of "How could yous???" Daddy hails from Philadelphia and Will has chosen to root for Daddy's home team, the Philadelphia Phillies. And I just can't argue with that. But it does make me glad that I didn't marry a New York fan. :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Court is in Session!

I had to go to court today for my job. I've only ever had to go maybe a handful of times, but I hate going. It just makes me so nervous!! First I stressed about the dress code for court, I wasn't sure I had anything nice enough in my repertoire of maternity clothes to fit the bill. I tried on two dresses last night and finally settled on a skirt set. It turns out I shouldn't have worried, because apparently anything goes in court! People wear some of their cruddiest clothes to appear before the magistrate or judge. I even saw a lawyer in a beautiful, expensive green skirt suit, that she chose to accent with beat-up rubber flip-flops. Flip-flops! The whole scene looked like a casting call for "What Not to Wear!"

In the two years since I transferred positions, I have not had to go to court in the city that I work in. So when the lawyer asked me last week if I knew where the courthouse was, I was sure that I did!! I had been to the court in town several years ago when we first bought our house. Well, there's a price for being smug and not asking just in case. I drove to the courthouse and marveled at the free parking, for I was sure I'd be taken for at least ten bucks to park anywhere in the vicinity of the courthouse. I took a walk around the building, looking for the entrance. What the hell?? All the doors don't seem to open. One entrance has a sign that that entrance is closed. And why aren't there any people milling around?? I finally spot someone and ask where the entrance is. He gives me a strange look and informs me that no business takes place there, that there's a new courthouse down the street. D'oh! He was a kind lawyer-type that offered to let me walk with him, and I was grateful for his assistance!

So folks, today's lessons: Don't be a know-it-all, and it's ok to wear flip-flops and grungy street clothes anywhere!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

One Uneventful Weekend

It hasn't been exactly an eventful weekend this time. Brian started a house project that we've been meaning to do for quite some time--replace the stairs to our front porch. We knew that they were in crappy shape when we bought the house seven (!) years ago so we definitely got our mileage out of 'em! Next up will be replacing the porch floor, power-washing the entire structure and then stain/seal. Hopefully that will get done before winter. HA! No really, we're hopeful that we'll get it done.

The three of us drove out to IKEA today to get ideas for Will's BIG BOY ROOM! Came up with bupkis.....everything we liked was really designed for a toddler, and we're looking for something that he can grow up in and have for possibly until he's an early teen. So we'll continue the search. Not that we have anywhere to put furniture right now anyway!! :)

Oh, and I got my hair done yesterday. Seven inches of hair, gone!! No more long hair, and I think I can say that permanently!! It was getting SO annoying, getting caught in my work bag handles, always in my face, etc etc etc.

That's pretty much it. Please try to contain your excitement!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Peace and Quiet

I'm up bright and early on this beautiful Saturday morning. Normally the very idea of getting up early is enough to send me running for the covers, but I have an early appointment. The sky is a brilliant blue and the only sounds I hear are the ceiling fan, the birds chirping and the click of the keys. The air is blessedly cool, not indiciative of the scorcher we'll have later. No TV blaring Noggin, no clatter from the neighbor's lawn mower, no dog whine to go outside. I haven't felt this tranquil since.....well, I don't know! Life has a way of getting away from me, like a stagecoach running down a hill and approaching a cliff. I have a tendency to stuff as many things into a 24 hour period as possible. This morning it's about appreciating the little things. And it's serving as a reminder that sometimes it IS a good recharger to stop and appreciate the simplicity of life!