Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Harnessing the Tornado

In deciding on re-doing the floor in the living room from carpet to laminate, Brian has started to plan.  As I've fondly said before, when Hubby has a project on the brain, it's all that he can think about.  (Well, he does remember to eat.)  At times I poke fun because of his tendency to plan every move, but really I'm grateful.  After all, it's because of his ability to think ahead that allowed us only a three-week disaster area when gutting the entire kitchen.  Not bad, if I dare say!

So in the plan, the first question is "How do we move all of our stuff so that this job can be accomplished?  The living room has all the usual furniture, plus a television.  Oh, and a fish tank.  The fish tank is specifically what we're worried about.  The very idea of moving a fish tank strikes fear into our hearts.

Enter Will.  He has a simple plan for everything.  Will wants to move everything via tornado.  That's right, tornado.  Send in the tornado, have it pick up our stuff, rip up the carpet and install the flooring, then call back the tornado to put our stuff back.  When I gently explained that tornados don't typically work like that, that they're pretty destructive, he kindly offered to build one.  Complete with a "nice button" that he would push before allowing it to suck up our belongings.  Upon coming home from preschool that day, he even had a "blueprint" for me that he drew at school.  Imagine if....building a tornado to pick up stuff, swirl them gently above your house and then have it place things lovingly back where they belong after the work is complete.  Harnessing that kind of power.  What a spacesaver, not to mention money and time going back and forth to a storage unit, or busting your back pushing everything to one side of the room!

This kid kills me with his imagination.  If only the world was as simple as a four year-old's take on things.

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adventures in rhode island said...

serious smarts and imagination with that one! i love it! wouldn't it be great if you could harness a "nice" tornado, i know i'd be doing it all the time! "i've gotta vacuum sadie's room. tornado, pick up all her stuff so i can vacuum in one quick shot, then put it back for me!" the kids a genius!