Monday, July 27, 2015

My Two Ninjas

Look out World....there's a new karate student in town!

Sean is enrolled in Karate camp with his big brother this summer.  So far he loves it!  The only drawback is that it feels like his growing up has hit warp-speed.  I think it comes with hanging out with all the older kids.  He's the youngest in camp, and kids kind of fawn all over him.  And who can blame them, this kid is adorable.  (And I'm not just saying that because he's mine!)  Will's been happy to have someone at home to practice with, and even play "instructor."  

We're past the halfway mark on Summer, and soon the next karate graduation.  Will's going to try for Black Dragon, which is a special designation.  We're very proud of him!  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Trigger Happy

Everyone has their trigger foods, certain foods that if they're in the house, they're as good as gone.  Mine are fudgesicles, toaster strudel and mini peanut butter cups. One taste of any of those things and I will NOT REST until they're all gone.  I used to think a binge was eating the food all in one sitting.  I'm wrong.  I may take a little while to eat it, but it will be gone before the end of the day.

We can add a new food to the list.  I'm never buying these chips again.

 I ate the whole friggin' bag in the course of a workday.  I bought it because they're "healthier," with no artificial ingredients, blahblahblah.  Now I have an empty bag and no appetite for dinner.  Blah!

200 and counting

I sent off another bunch of baby hats for charity a few weeks ago.  Sadly, Stitches from the Heart closed their doors earlier this year, but i was lucky to find a local baby charity!  I donated them to Project Nathaniel, which sends hats, blankets and booties every July to a hospital in Worcester, MA in memory of Nathaniel.  Nathaniel was a preemie that was born in 2007, and this is how his family honors his short, beautiful life.  I hope to be able to donate every year.

And with that, I've made and donated over two hundred hats!!  Wow, that is incredibly hard to believe.