Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Dream Job

Blog Challenge, Day Nine:  If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

As a kid, I would have never said "I wanna be a property manager when I grow up!"  I had several standard answers....actress, author, teacher, veterenarian.... Although I still to this day love the idea of performance and wish I'd gotten more involved in theater in college, the only acting I ever did was the occasional little kid school play and I took an improv class in college.  The class was awesome, I loved every minute of it!  And I played a great chicken in my kindergarten play.  :)  I also thought that being a veterenarian was cool, because you get to take care of animals.  I don't think I could have handled it when they were very sick and crossed the rainbow bridge, though.  And I don't have the scientific brain to be a doctor, I just don't.

 I moved on to wanting to be an author after reading all of the "Little House on the Prairie" books.  Little did I realize that Laura Ingalls Wilder wasn't an author until her sixties and seventies, that she was mainly a farmer's wife and contributed to their farm.  I guess blogging for my benefit as well as the handful of people that read this blog is a small realization of that dream!

In college, I worked at a coffee shop, and it fueled the desire to open my own coffee shop someday.  I would bask in the warm glow of that idea, OWNING a coffee shop, having "regulars" and talking to them.  That bubble burst when I sat back and saw the reality of it:  open every day, working by myself a lot, smelling like coffee grounds and bleach cleanser all the time.  And the hiring and firing of employees, I saw the owner of the coffee shop in college have to do that a lot. It happens, when you have a coffee shop in a college town.  College kids aren't always the best employees, and career-minded.  I'm qualified to say that:  I was a college kid once!

So honestly?  I don't know if I have a "dream job" anymore.  I do enjoy property management, though I am an elderly housing specialist by trade and kind of "fell"into managing a family housing complex.  I never expected my career to lead me here, and it's not someplace that I am comfortable or want to stay.  And hopefully, HOPEFULLY, before this thirty-day challenge is over, I will be back at an elderly site, interviewing applicants for my new building.  So I'd say, my perfect-for-me job...working in elderly housing.  It's not the easiest thing and it's not without its problems.  But I know that I was happiest when I was doing just that.

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