Monday, November 11, 2013


The target:  Worcester Art Museum.

Our mission, should we choose to accept it:  cover the railings of the front entrance with yarn.


I've always wanted to yarnbomb something.  But I know that some people see it as vandalism so when I saw a general invite on Ravelry looking for yarnbombers at a Community Day event at the Worcester Art Museum, I jumped!

I didn't know exactly where the location was until a few days before, so my  friend Kristina and I couldn't make up any pieces beforehand.  A lot of  this was knit on-the-spot, hence only two railings got done instead of the top four.  Kristina and I got to the museum at 11:00 and there were three women from Providence participating as well.  Later on another girl from our group, Cat, joined us.  It was an incredible time!  However, it was not incredible weather.  We had to move inside to knit the pieces after a while, it got quite frigid out and even started to rain.     Almost every person that walked by us commented on how cool it looked, and some wondered how it would stay on.  The answer is that the pieces are sewn on.  You can use zip ties as well, but sewing looks nicer.

 The end results look great, though.  And I'm told that the museum is going to leave them up for about a week.  I also get to cross "Yarnbombing" off the ol' Day Zero list.  And I made some new Ravelry friends.  Success!!

Guess what?  Yarnbombing is addictive.  I'm already thinking about what's next someday.

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