Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Belated Halloween Post

I've been sick for almost a week.  I'm getting better, though.

I came home from work on Monday night with the dread that a fever was developing.  You know...that chilly, achy feeling.  Hubby knows I'm stubborn and insisted that I go to bed early (I'm a bit of a night owl) and for once I agreed, thinking I could nip this upcoming thing in the bud.

I didn't realize that it was going to be much, much too hard to nip with just one night of decent sleep.  Why?  Because it wasn't the usual little cold virus.  It turned out to be strep throat.

I've never had strep throat til now.  And if I ever get it again it will be much too soon, my friends.  This has been quite a long week, missing four days of work and barely having the energy to head into the living room and watch TV without needing a nap.  That's the thing that's thrown me for a loop....the absolute energy drain.  I didn't get antibiotics until Thursday night, which happens to be Halloween.

Halloween night!  Hubby took the books trick-or-treating and I agreed that we would leave the bucket of candy outside with a "Happy Halloween! Please take two" sign.  And likely that the first trick-or -treater would empty the bucket.  Ah well, at least I wouldn't have three bags of candy to eat once I felt like eating food again.

My sweet Harry Potter and Spider-Man.  Yes, I knit the scarf!

A half-hour later, they're back.  Because apparently, there's NO ONE giving out candy on our street.  I know that my neighbor said that we don't get many trick or treaters...but none?  Brian had come back for the car, to take them to a different neighborhood.  And our candy bucket in front of the garage was still full at the end of the night.  So next year I'll just turn off the front light and we'll go trick-or-treating as a family!  

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