Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sweater, Sunday, Sickies.....

-Last week, I took a look at the sweater that I had been knitting for my niece's birthday.  I started it in June, got the lace body finished and figured I'd add the sleeves later.

-I pulled it out of hibernation and saw that there were mistakes in the lace.

-A week before her party, I decided to frog the sweater and make a new one.  Yeah, a week before her party. I picked a short-sleeve number that I've made and loved before, and set out making it in size 2T.   I work GREAT under a deadline!

-Worked all week on it, every free moment.  I even knit a row or two in the mornings before work and during my lunch break.

-Saturday night, I still had two rows to finish, the bind-off, weaving of ends and the much-anticipated sewing-on of the buttons.  I had purchased two kinds to choose from (Because I am a little obsessed with buttons.)  So which will it be....brass-colored rosettes or clear plastic embellished with white?  Hmmmmm.

-Morning of the party....binding off.  And then we decide that we're not going to the party because Hubby is sick.  Truth be told, I'm still not feeling 100% myself.  Two (sicky) parents at a party?  I don't think so.

-That being said, I'm sick of sickness.  It's been at least three weeks that someone (mostly me!) has been sick.  No more Rx's!  Down with thermometers!  Begone, tea and ginger ale!!

-So, no party.  Next week we'll take a trip to see the birthday girl and her parents for dinner and to give her her birthday presents from us.  But the birthday girl's sweater is done, and now I have a week to spare.  Time to cast on something else.  Knit all the things before Christmas!!

-To be fair, I am still following my rule of not going bonkers trying to knit up a bunch of stuff for Christmas this year.  Truth be told, I have one present cast on right now and two ideas.  Small ideas.  But there's other knitting group's Potluck and Swap Night this year's theme is "Ornaments."  Guess I should get on that.  Plus, I'm doing Ravelry's birthday swap again, for the fourth year running.

-Reading this last paragraph....I think I've got some crafting to do.  See ya!

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