Friday, November 22, 2013

Evolving Style

An outfit from any time in my life that makes me feel good.......hmmm.  Well, I've got a few things to write about I guess.

When I was in sixth grade, my friends and I found cheap sweatshirts at a flea market.  Being the eighties, they were god-awful color combos.  Mine was a red sweatshirt that had a picture of a girl lounging in a hammock between two palm trees.  In screamy PINK lettering it said "Lazy Girls Club:  Party all Night, Sleep all Day."  It was uber-ugly but I loved it at the time, because two of my friends had them too, in blue and black.  It made me feel like "part" of something.  I dunno......I just remember wearing it everywhere.  It probably fell apart because it was so cheap.  It was around this time that I had another eightie's sweatshirt that was black and covered with little mirrors and glittery pastel puffy paint.  Oh yeah....stylin'!  I paired it with black stirrup pants, pink socks and silver cheapie shoes.  If I had a picture, I'd post it for the cheezy (yes, with a "Z", it was that bad) hilarity.

When I find something I like, I wear the crap out of it.  In college, overalls became stylish again.    I say "again" because we probably all wore them as nursery schoolers, and hey, now we can wear them as college students!  I look at these pictures and shudder.  I felt pretty good in 'em, though.  And the shuddering may just as well be from my "Rachael-esque" haircut (c'mon, you know that you rocked a Rachel in the mid-nineties) and the purple "Cinnaberry" hued locks.  Augh!  I thought it was pretty hot at the time.

Best Outfit I've ever worn, hands down?  The dress that I wore to the Commencement Ball in college.  It also happens to be the night that my husband proposed.  I wore a gold-colored ball gown with rhinestone straps....very glamorous.  The gold dress reminded me of Belle in "Beauty and the Beast."  I still have it in the back of my closet, despite never fitting in it again I will never get rid of it.

Nowadays....what clothes make me feel good?  Clothes that fit well.  Again, I'm a creature of habit and I tend to wear the same things over and over.  Recently, I had to buy some new work clothes because it appears that I donated a lot of them to charity when we moved.  I've gotten a few new pairs of pants, several new sweaters, etc.  I go to work "Professionally dressed" every day, and I even take the time to pick out jewelry/accessories to compliment my attire.  That's what makes me feel good these days....being put together.  Though that early Nineties girl is still in there....and she still likes her sparklies from time to time!

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