Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Fridge Challenge

Five Things in my Fridge and My Feelings Regarding Said Five Things

That's a bit of a strange prompt.  But Ok, I'll play along.

1.  Milk.  We simply cannot keep enough milk in this house.  That, and orange juice.  The kids drink them like there's no tomorrow, and once of us is always reminding the other to stop for milk on the way home.  But neither child has a taste for soda, so there's definitely worse things.

2.  Hershey's Syrup.  This isn't just a staple in our house, it's a must-have.  Some friends of ours have a running joke that a shortage of Parmesan cheese in their house is a divorceable offense.  If we were to think that way, our item would be Hershey's Syrup.  Hubby loves this stuff, he's just like a kid.  :)

3.  Sour cream.  Although I love it on baked potatoes and the occasional taco, we never can get through it before it gets a nice mold topping.

4.  Corona.  We don't entertain often anymore, but when we do, people usually bring their own drinks.  Which is fine, because everyone likes different things.  One of our guests left four bottles of Corona over the summer, which we will never drink.  Ugh.....gross!  So why don't I just throw it away?  That's easy....too much effort to take everything in front of it out so I can get to the Corona.

5.  The last item is......leftovers.  If you open our fridge there's a pretty good chance that there's a bunch of Tupperware (or knockoff) containers.  I despise sandwiches for lunch and lost my taste for Lean Cuisines a long time ago.  So quite often, I bring leftovers for lunch.  That being said, when it comes to leftovers, it's feast or famine around here.  Either we have so much left over that the fridge is bursting at the seams, or there's absolutely NOTHING.

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Anonymous said...

I love this prompt and I might copy you over on my blog! Where did you find this prompt, anyway? Love all your recent posts. ;-)