Friday, November 29, 2013

And Now....a Word about Endings

It's the last post of NaBloPoMo, and the folks at BlogHer want to know my feelings about endings.

  To me, there are four kinds of endings:  catastrophic, blessing, miraculous or incomplete.

Catastrophic endings are the worst.  This would include break-ups, being fired from your job, losing someone to illness (no matter how much you believe "that they're no longer in pain and they're in a better place.  It still sucks hard, even when you see it coming.)  Especially unresolved endings.   We've all had them, one way or another.  They may be soothed over time by the passage of time itself, but they still bruise years later.

"Blessing" endings are when the end of something finally arrives and you run to it.  For example, when I finally finished my time (I should say "served my time") at a job that I absolutely hated so that I could move on to something more suiting and satisfying.  (It was a long four years, hence the "prison sentence" references.)  These are sometimes bittersweet, like graduations, where you have one foot forward because you are looking into your future, but are scared to take that step.

"Miraculous endings" don't happen to everyone.  I've had one, and they are beautiful.  You see, I spent the better part of a year unsure if we'd ever have children of our own.  Just as I made the appointment for fertility testing, I discovered a week later that the reason why the coffee tasted terrible and that I was tired down to my bones was indeed, because I was going to have a baby.  We're one of the lucky ones....not everyone gets to resolve the issue by calling back their doctor to cancel the appointment and tell the receptionist that she's pregnant.  Seven years later, I still feel incredibly blessed.

I call the fourth ending "incomplete" but it's kind of a misnomer.  Because if it isn't complete, it isn't an ending.  Not if you don't want to be.  An ending can also be a beginning in disguise, if you're willing to let it.

Anyway, that's just my feeling about endings.  And with that, I've successfully completed National Blog Posting Month!!!

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