Monday, November 4, 2013

Sometimes a Little Mystery is a Good Thing

Confession:  I am an Aerosmith Fan.

No, not of their new stuff.  As someone who's listened to hours and hours of Aerosmith songs, read their autobiography "Walk this Way" several times,  bought quite a few of their albums and seen them live two (three?) times, they should stick to the classics.  Well, their last good album IMHO was "Get a Grip."  I was in high school, and I remember listening to it in my then-boyfriend's family room from beginning to end.  (God, does anyone do that anymore??)

Anywho....they had a little album called Permanent Vacation come out in 1986-ish.  This was an important album for the band because it was right after they had all gone through rehab.  (Oh yeah....they were whacked outta their minds through most of the seventies and eighties.  But again, another 70's era band making music while on drugs....and later on not making good music sober.)  I'm losing track....back to Permanent Vacation.  It did well and so did the next few albums, putting them back on the charts and on top again.

On Permanent Vacation, there was this song called "The Movie."  It was entirely instrumental, and it was creepy and futuristic sounding.  In the middle of the song, there's a woman speaking alone, and the language was one that I did not recognize.  I always imagined that she was saying something cool, predicting the future, or I don't know...the meaning of life.  I didn't understand it and that's what made it intriguing.

Years later, we have Google.  So one day, I was remembering "The Movie" and decided to plug it in and see what this chick is talking about.  And I was sorely disappointed.

The language is Gaelic.  And the message is:

Theid sinn dhachaidh am bliadhna seo 's bith ceilidh mhor againn
We'll go home this year and we'll have a big ceilidh

's theid sinn chun na Hearadh agus ni sin ceilidh air Nora agus Raonailt [Raonaid?]
and we'll go to Harris and [pay a] visit [there to] Nora and Rachel

's tha mi an dochas gu faigh sinn buntata agus sgadan
I hope we get potato and herring

'S theid sin gu Scalpaidh 's theid sinn a choimhead air Mairi agus ... 
And we'll go to Scalpay and [we'll go] visit [or: go see?] Mary and ...

I think that there's a big BAZINGA! in there somewhere.  And the band must've had a laugh over this for years.  The big about visiting friends for a traditional social gathering, hoping to see our friends Rachel and Nora later, and noshing on spuds and fish.  Huh.

I think I preferred it better when I didn't know.  :)

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