Monday, November 25, 2013

Power of Advertising

Today's prompt asks to write about the last thing that you bought because you were convinced by someone/some form of advertising.

Well, I don't know about anyone convincing me, it was the product itself.

You see, not only am I irrevocably in love with yarn, I'm head over heels with patterns, too.  This can get rather expensive, so I always look for free patterns online instead of buying them.

I also love going to the library and guess what they have there?  Knitting books!  Lots of them, with more patterns than I could ever knit in a lifetime.  I like to "test-drive" books before buying them.  Oftentimes, I am satisfied with flipping through one, and then realize that there isn't anything I "really" want to make in there.  So back to the library it goes, often saving me $20-$30.

Over the summer. I checked out a book called "60 Baby Knits" and brought it home to look at the cute baby stuff.  By the end of the evening I had cast on a lovely baby hat, which is one of the first three patterns of the book.  I was a goner before the hat was finished; not only did I order "60 Baby Knits,", I got the second one, which is "60 Baby Blankets."  I didn't so much fall off the wagon, I JUMPED.    In my defense, I make a LOT of baby stuff, for charity and for friends/family.

Three months later, I'm still not sorry that I bought them, and I can't wait til after the holidays to make something out of the blanket book.

Oh, and here's the finished hat!  It looks kind of weird lying flat on a table, the shape is much better when it's on an actual baby's head.  Theirs was green, I chose "Sunshine Yellow" for my hat.

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