Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sweet Mother Hen

Today's blog prompt for NaBloPoMo is about one thing that you would change about yourself.  I would make myself more adventurous.

In high school, I earned myself the nickname "Mother Hen."  I was very much a follower, not a leader.  Other people have stories of parties that went well after midnight, sneaking out to Boston, etc.  I have none of this.  Sure, I had friends (who did stuff) and I had fun, but there are no "fearless moments" and nothing bold.  My husband has asked every old friend I've ever had for some dirt on the younger version of Ginny, and they are all surprised that they have none.  If people were partying at someone's house, I was the one hiding in the corner or staying home to avoid getting in trouble.  Then again, my parents never had to pick me up at the police station.  I'm sure they're glad for that.

I've never lived abroad.  I've never immersed myself into a local culture to speak Spanish better. I don't have any stories that start with "When I was in Barcelona/Paris/L.A./New York" or end with "And that's the last time I ever tried flamenco dancing" or "See this scar?  That's how I got it, windsurfing."  

I've never colored my hair purple, or pierced my nose when I thought that I could get away with it.  I've never had a friend say "Let's go to Vegas!" and we do, right then and there.  I've never driven a convertible.  I've never placed a bet on a horse.  Heck, I've never ridden a horse.  I've never jumped off a high dive because I'm afraid of heights.  I've never done theater, I was too chicken to try out for the annual show at the high school, Oskey, or work on any plays in college.  Part of me feels like it's too late for a lot of these things.

You know what I do have?  Happy memories of meeting my husband in a seedy dance club in downtown Providence.  Not a lot of girls would approach a group of Navy sailors and see if they wanted to dance.  Speaking of dancing, I did dance on a table at a bar once, with my friend Joyelle.  I also kissed a stranger once, five minutes after meeting.  (That would be my now-husband.)    So I guess I'm not a total snore.  I also have proof of responsible living, and a clean conscience/rap sheet.  I've got a decent job, and a great family that loves me just as much as I love them.  So I guess being adventurous is great and all but not something that I'm really missing out on.

It's not too late for all of that stuff.....I still could get a tattoo and drive a convertible, right?

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