Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What are you Hiding?????

One fun thing about buying a new house.....finding all-new places to hide Christmas gifts from the kids.  Well, not just the kids.  Hubby and I have to find places to hide gifts from EACH OTHER.

In the old house, we each had our favorite places.  His was his work bench, and I knew better to approach that part of the basement.  Mine was in my yarn drawers, or wherever I could stash things in a hurry.  I once hid tickets to a concert in a hair dryer box because I knew that he would never, ever EVER think to go there.  (Great....there goes that hiding spot!)

The only part that's bad about stashing things in a hurry is that you tend to forget where you put them.  I have to write it down, and then hide the list. You guessed it.....that list got lost.  This is the reason why my kids get stocking stuffers when I find them in April.  They're not complaining, trust me.  Christmas candy tastes just as good in the Spring as it does in the winter.  :)

So what am I hiding now?  There's a closet under the steps across from the laundry room that's filled with things like vacuums, mops, luggage and chairs.  The kids would never think of venturing in there on their own, so any gifties that have already come are cooling their jets in there.  (the pressure seems to be on this year, I've got quite a lot done already.)  Another way to keep them from going in there was to leave a bunch of stuff that I bought at Christmas Tree Shops in front of the door for a couple of weeks.  That one wasn't on purpose...another thing I'm finding out about having an upstairs/downstairs house is that I forget about a lot of the stuff downstairs for periods of time.  Good for the mess that the kids make in the family room, not-so-good when you actually need something.

  Hiding things from Brian will be a little tougher.  I'm working on it, though.  Just as he's working on hiding stuff from me.  :)

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