Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Best Hour of the Day

Today's prompt:  what is the best hour of the day?

The best one is when I read to the kids, and spend a little extra time with them before bed.  (I'm not crazy a lot of nights about getting them IN bed, but usually it's not too bed.)  After some books, a lullaby, some extra hugs and kisses...once I close that bedroom door I'm off like a bandit.  I always feel like I accomplished this BIG THING and am getting away with something when I get them down for the night successfully.  

After that....Hubby and I have our time.  Most of the time this involves television and ice cream, but it's perfect.  We unwind before bed, watching whatever tickles our fancy.  Yep, that amount of time right there, from putting the kids to bed and then ending the day next to him....that's the best hour of my day.  :)

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