Friday, November 15, 2013

Bad Habits

"If you could stop one bad habit instantly what would it be?"

Mine would be biting my nails.  I bit my nails as a child and it drove my parents batty.  They said that I would stunt their growth, they bought the stuff that tastes bad when you bite them....they tried everything.  Nothing helped, I'd bite them til they bled.

Then one summer, right after I met my now-husband, I stopped.  I stopped for an entire summer, and that's how long it took to grow them out!  I rewarded myself by getting some acrylic tips, and covered them up for ten years and appointments every other week.

After a while, I didn't want to spend the money or time on my nails anymore.  If i were being more honest, I'd say that it was more about the money.  I begrudgingly had them taken off....I can still remember how I felt about it at the nail salon.  My own nails underneath were brittle and easily broken, and I was sad to the core.  Three months later, after they grew out, I swore I'd never get acrylics again!

Flash forward five more years (this post is making me feel old!)  Our house is on the market, and we have a persnickety buyer (the depths of my politeness show here, because there are definitely sterner words for the situation)  The buyer falls through six days away from our moving day, and we're now left in the precarious situation of being stuck with a house we're trying to sell and losing the house we're trying to buy.  So what's the first thing I do?  BITE ALL MY NAILS OFF.  And although everything ended up working out in the end, I can't seem to stop nibbling.  So YES!  I would like to instantly be able to cut that crap out.  I'd love to have pretty hands again.

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