Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Parties make the Best Deadlines

The best way to make sure that something in your house is going to get done?  Plan a party.  

We did that more than once in our old house.  Hubby and I are at a professional level of biting off more than we can chew, and having projects halt due to some kind of chaos of the no-time/no-money variety.  Our old stove was a bit of a loose cannon, and we had two small fires when we first moved.  (Blaming the previous owners....which we did frequently.)  How to cough up enough cash for a new one:  offer to host Thanksgiving Dinner.  Setting the Thanksgiving turkey afire is entertaining, but your guests will likely not want to have dinner at your house again.

One of our bathrooms desperately needed gutting.  We started the project and right after demo I lost my job.  Luckily I was only unemployed for about five days and went back to my old job.Still...dirty words like "Budget" and "cash flow" got in our way.  Here's a fix....Easter was two months away.  Host Easter dinner!  Problem solved....dinner guests had a lovely time and the bathroom was perfectly done in time.  

Brother-in-law coming to stay with you for a week, with three days' notice??  Sure, we can paint the guest room and get new bedding....hell we can even buy a bed!  

So.....we've been living in the "new house" almost five months.  This whole "settle in" thing is refusing to complete itself.  It's really hard to dedicate time to it with working and the rest of life getting in the way.   We are still not unpacked.  All of our walls are basically naked. There are no curtains.   I still haven't gotten a "big boy" comforter for my younger son's twin bed, he is sleeping with a toddler bed-size one of Lightning McQueen that is much to short for his growing body.  The list goes on and on, and things are added daily.

But.....guess who's hosting Christmas this year??  There IS hope after all!  :)

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