Thursday, November 7, 2013

First Crush

Who doesn't remember their first crush?  I hadn't thought about mine for years until this week.   I went to a private Catholic school and were forced to wear these gaggy outfits of plaid jumpers, yellow blouses and ties.  Oh, and brown kneesocks.  Sexy.  The boys didn't have it much better....brown pants, same yellow shirt and that "gorgeous" white/black/brown/yellow plaid as a tie.   I vaguely remember this boy.....he had blue eyes and slicked-back hair, and was quite skinny.   I do remember that his name was John, and that I chased him around the blacktop at recess.  That was me....quite subtle.  If I liked you, believe me, you knew about it.

Why all this thinking about crushes?  Last week at Will's birthday party, a friend from our old neighborhood gave him a gift of a rubber-band bracelet.  These are the latest craze, kind of like friendship bracelets or ribbon barrettes or even safety pin-beaded bracelets.  Kids all over are getting these bags of little rubber bands that I think resemble the rubber bands I used to have to use with my braces.  Then you do something with a loom and it makes a cool bracelet.  Well.  I'd been hearing about "Mom!  We NEED to buy a loom!" for over a week.  I had purchased bands but AC Moore was out of looms.  Then lo and behold...while shopping for a big coffee pot for work, there's a bunch of looms at the checkout at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  (I guess that follows in the "Beyond" category.)  I brought it home and he's quite excited!  We're figuring them out together and it's slow going....because though I am a whiz with the knitting needles, I'm kind of crap with a crochet hook.  We'll persevere though, probably by watching YouTube videos.

I asked him who the first bracelet would be for, expecting him to say himself.  I was wrong.  Instead I got "Well, there's this girl named Caroline in my class.....I'm really glad you got pink bands, Mom.  Because those are her favorite."

 And so it begins.  Right on schedule.  :)

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