Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dress My Windows

Good Gawd, I hate curtains.  I hate how I always have the wrong size window for what I am looking at, and why fabric for windows is so damn expensive.  Plus, with the exception of our family room, I hate that the previous owner had such gaudy taste in curtains!

When we first moved in (actually when we were LOOKING at the house) I noticed that although the house was empty, there was a load of curtains in the washing machine.  Cue to moving-in day, and well, let's say that the seal on the washing machine is incredible.  And if you leave wet curtains in there for months, mildew will permeate in the washing machine and whatever's in there is definitely now trash.  Looking at the curtains though, I knew that they were destined to end up in the trash even if they were mildew-free.

Except one of their kin was still in the kitchen as a valance.  Every time I looked at it I resisted the urge to tear it down immediately.

I never took a photo of the window while THIS was up there.  It was ugly, trust me.

So imagine my surprise while I was at Christmas Tree Shops last week, just poking around.  BAM!  Country-style valances in blue, and only four bucks a pop!  

I dragged out the iron today and Brian hung these beauties.  So much better!

This is such a little thing, but it feels so much bigger in the progress department.

Next up--getting some drapes on the slider door out to the backyard.  Because even though no one can see inside (It's all woods in the backyard with no houses directly behind us)  it still feels like we're living in a fishbowl.

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