Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Tale of Two Hats

I'm starting to realize that hats may be my favorite thing to make.  They're stylish, fun, and quick off the needles.

I finished this hat a while ago, but just gave it to the recipient on Friday night.  My friend Michael requested a hat that he could wear while running, warm with a hole in the back for his ponytail.  He's currently training for a marathon, and it's been chilly the past couple of weeks so I wanted to get it to him ASAP.  It came out perfectly.   AND I had the wool in my yarn stash so no shopping outside of my home required.

Next, a sun hat for my friend Heather's baby.  Maddie is a Florida baby, so you know that she needs a wardrobe of cute sun hats!  :)  This was an extremely quick knit, coming together in about a day and a half.  Had I had a few hours together to just sit and knit, I probably could have knocked it out in an afternoon.  It's made of washable cotton, and the more you wash it the softer it gets.  So niece may need one, too!

Next up:  a few more hats for Stitches from the Heart for my June shipment (I'm up to 24 right now, and a blanket too)  I have another friend expecting a baby in July and I've picked out the sweetest baby sweater pattern:

This will be done in white cotton and I haven't decided on buttons just yet.    (Design is "Kaitlyn" by Lenore Hopkins)

Also:  I am almost finished with the body of MY sweater, the Spring Cardigan.  My goal is to finish before the Webs Tent Sale on May 19th, so I can pick out buttons from Webs' fantastic collection.

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Kristina said...

Hats have always been my favorite, too. Love the sunhat - a lot! What's the pattern? Congrats about your sweater - I hope u reach your goal!