Saturday, April 7, 2012

Alternate Plans

Totally neglected housework today.  No bathrooms got cleaned, laundry done or cleaning the family room.  Instead, I:

-allowed the boys to fingerpaint in the kitchen

-took Will to the library, to pick up more books by Mo Willems.  He's loving the "Pigeon" series.  And truth be told, I'm loving them too.

-perused "Angry Birds" patterns on Ravelry for my obsessed son.  Not sure I'm actually going to cast on something "Angry Birds" but do have to admit, having Will wax poetic about the "Black Bird" hat that his friend Patrick has that his Nonni made him, I'm intrigued.  Especially when he said that he and Patrick could have puppet shows with their heads if he had an Angry Birds hat.

-made tentative plans for sushi with an old friend that I haven't seen in a few years.

-chided Sean for getting into my jewelry box, throwing toys, turning lights on and off and developing selective hearing.  The "terrible twos" are alive and well in this house.

-Also got cuddles, hugs and kisses from the same Sean.  Two year olds are also very sweet.

-watched "Princess and the Frog" with the kids.  what a great Disney movie, I really enjoyed it.  It wasn't the typical "damsel in distress" kind of movie that gets saved by the Prince.

-Finally, I knitted.  I knit a lot today.  In fact, I'm on the fourth skein of yarn for my Spring Cardigan.  And now that I've turned a corner, I'm really enjoying the pattern.  here is my progress so far, it doesn't look like much but trust me, it is!

Later on will be a bit of work....baths for the kids, cleanup after dinner, and whatever else life throws our way.  Today though, was a pretty good day.  It's good to toss off your chore list once in a while.


Kristina said...

Yes, it is! I hear you about all the kid stuff, and the sweater is looking good!

Patrick Lyddy said...

I totally hear you. Between taking care of Vic and knitting, I totally didn't do anything yesterday (chores wise). Today though Vic has actually been helping me getting things done. Laundry is still not done but whatev. I need to get back to my hoodie!!