Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day Zero Check-In

I've been at my Day Zero list for about four months now. am I doing??

As of today, there are 3 items completed, and 3 items partially completed.  I've totally bombed on the whole "flossing my teeth for a month" thing twice now.  It might've been nice to say I was doing it at my next appointment and not be lying, for a change!  We've changed banks (no more fees!) and I think I just heard my passport expire.  But what's going to be my next item?  I've considered a bunch of them, like cleaning out the ol' closet or watching some classic movies.

Hmmmm.  I'm not going to be at my current job much longer.  As a matter of fact, it's looking like I will permanently be at my new place by the end of April.  Being a bit of a cynic, I'm not breaking out the champagne just yet.  HOWEVER, I have set forth plans to celebrate the end of that chapter with a spa day for myself.  :)  Also, the window of opportunity to eat at a Spanish restaurant and speak no English while there, the opportunity for that will be much better over the next 30 days as there is a nice place down the street from work.  I have sweater patterns picked for my family members, and two of them even have yarn assigned from my almighty stash.  I've visited one local yarn shop, and even though I went to a gorgeous yarn shop yesterday that I had never been to, it's in New Hope PA, and not at all local.  So I'd say overall, I'm doing rather well.

What was I doing in New Hope, you say?  Brian's younger brother got married over the weekend, and we went down for the wedding, sans children.  (They had a nice weekend with quality Nana time)  The wedding was gorgeous, the new Mr. and Mrs. were absolutely smashing and it was one of the prettiest weddings I had ever seen.  No pics though, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  :)

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