Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Confessions of a Pinterest Junkie

I'll say it, loud and proud:  I love Pinterest!

I  had heard about Pinterest a while ago, and I resisted at first.  Friends that started using it first started saying how addictive the site was.  Then, when I first joined I didn't really understand the concept of it, but basically it's this:  Pinterest is a website that you look at things like recipes, clothing, decoration and style articles, etc.  When you like something you "pin it"  (i.e. save) to your boards.  You can pin pretty much anything.  For example, I am a sucker for recipes, I have them broken into categories.  (Breakfast ideas, favorite recipes and sweets)  I also have categories for cleaning ideas, things to do with the kids, knitting and yarn (of course) one for outdoor stuff and yet another for holiday ideas.  It sure beats filling up the bookmarks on my computer!  Everything is on one website and I can view it anywhere.

I don't just want to "pin" stuff blindly anymore, though.  In my quest to conquer clutter (both online as well as in real life)  I want to start *doing* some of these things.  So in the spirit of doing what I pin, next week's menu is going to feature two recipes from Pinterest.  That seems like a pretty good place to start.

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