Saturday, April 28, 2012

Repeat Offender

I had a chance to go out with my friend Tracy last night, while Brian stayed home with the kiddos.  (Thank goodness for girlfriends and old movies!)  When I got home around 11, Brian seemed perplexed.  When I asked how the kids had been, he told me about Sean's new habit:  to repeat everything over and over.  Sentences, repeat!

This morning, we dropped off Hubby's car for repairs (long, frustrating, crappy story, nevermind.)  When we came home, I discovered that Joey had jumped up on the windowsill to peek out of the curtains at the passers-by.  I'm pretty sure that Joey was a cat in a previous life, he certainly acts like one sometimes.  So, in his usual "jump" to the window, he knocked over my knitting lamp.  My knitting lamp that clips to the windowsill, and has an expensive specialty bulb that's a pain in the butt to replace.  Luckily the lamp was fine.  I sighed, looking at the dog and said "Oh, Joe-Joe, what did you do while we were out?"  Sean points and said "Joe-Joe did it!  Lamp!"  And for the next hour he kept repeating it like a broken record:  "Joe-Joe Did it!  Lamp!  Mommy??  Joe-Joe did it!  LAMP!!!"

Later on we're in the children's room at the library.  I'm picking out books, and Will is playing with the computer.  Brian's corraling Sean from running all over the place, and all Seanie wants to do is jump out from behind bookcases and yell "Surprise!!!"  Or run up to Mommy and yell Suprise, Mommy!  He's chock full of energy for someone who hasn't had much of a nap today.  He's kind of like my iPod, set to repeat.

It is the cutest, most annoying thing.  However, as Brian admits now, it's pretty hilarious.  Now that there's someone else to hear it and laugh about it together.

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