Monday, April 2, 2012

What you talking about, Seanie?

At Sean's 2 year physical, the doctor expressed some concern that he wasn't saying many two-word sentences. Not overly concerned, mind you....but concerned.  He said that unless he was in because he was sick, he wouldn't see him again until his 3year visit, and 3 is the cutoff for early intervention.  So he said for us to be vigilant and to call him if we thought that his speech wasn't progressing.

I'm happy to say that I think we'll be OK, because Sean seems to have a lot more to say.  New words in the past month:  awesome, nummies (gummy snacks) and today's "oopsie Daisy!"  I asked him last night what he wanted for dessert and he said "Thomas nummies, Mommy!"  I was so happy, I let him carry around the box.  He is very much a second child, and his older brother talks a lot for him.  Slowly though, he's learning to speak his mind.

Another thing:  we all want our kids to progress.  Still, when they stop saying words the wrong way and go to the right pronounciation, sometimes it's just sad!  I'm going to miss him calling trains "Chi Chi's."  :)

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