Friday, April 6, 2012

A Long Week

Oh, I don't think I've been so happy to see a Friday for awhile!  It's been one of "those weeks" and I know a lot of other people out there are letting out a collective sigh of relief.  The week after traveling on a weekend (PA last weekend) is always tough.  Even though Hubby and I went by ourselves this time, getting back on Sunday and the hustle n bustle of weekend chores cram-jammed into a few hours plus unpacking is a downer to say the least.

In this week:

- I had a really big eviction case yesterday.  And although the outcome isn't perfect, I still emerge victorious.  I'm also hoping that it's the last time I see the inside of the courthouse for some time.   And on that note...24 days to go til April 30th!

-Will's preschool lost his jacket.  Poor kid has been wearing a sweatshirt to school in the mornings.  Nobody seems to have any idea where it may be, and I'm irritated but it's not worth getting upset about.  It was last year's jacket and getting  tight.  So this weekend will bring a new jacket for him.  I'm hoping to brave the library and Target with both kids tomorrow...wish me luck!  :)

Plus, it's Easter weekend!  Dinner will be at my Mom and Dad's, and we have a fabulous Easter egg hunt planned in their backyard.  Of course, this means that there's eggs to stuff (we're not dyeing eggs til next year...too messy  and chaotic at age 2.  That's a lesson I learned with the first son!)  and some errands tomorrow.

Happy Easter to Everyone  :)

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