Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shaping Up

I've been working on this sweater for a little while now, and last night was the A-ha! moment.  The moment where it's not looking like a pile of knitted rows and actually starting to look like a sweater!  I started shaping the waist last night and it's looking good.   This is a easy, straightforward pattern that I am really enjoying.

Another thing that I'm enjoying right now:  startitis.  I've started a baby sweater for a baby's first birthday in November.  Also on the needles:  a floppy brimmed sunhat for my best friend's baby down in Florida.  (A Florida baby needs sunhats, even though I know she got some for her shower she can always use more!)  AND the 21st pair of mittens for Knit for Boston.  I guess I've been pretty busy lately.  :)  Truth be told, I'm also trying to use up some yarn in my stash so that I can make room for new stash next month.

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Kristina said...

Sounds great! I can't believe you've made that many mittens! It's so exciting when the project starts to look like what it is. :)