Friday, April 20, 2012

A Cheerful Stack

One of the many nice things about knitting little things for charity is that they have a tendency to pile up.  Right now this pile is sitting on the desk, three baby hats and  a pair of mittens.  I smile every time that I come into the room, they're an instant mood-brightener.  I let them pile up over there until they're threatening to take over that side of the desk, and then they get sorted in the closet bins.  That, and I make these mostly from scraps left over from other projects.  The pink, white and yellow ombre is from a baby sweater that I just finished.   The green is from a baby blanket that was stripes of purple, green and white.  And the purple hat and pair of mittens on the bottom were leftovers from several things, including a baby sleep sack and a cabled hat for myself.

I love knitting for charity, it gives me such joy.  And with that joy, I am happy to announce that I have completed NINETY baby hats that have been donated to Stitches from the Heart.  (well, not all at once.  I did fifty to commemorate Sean's first birthday, and that took the better part of a year.)  The mittens are a little service project that I whipped up, to see how many pairs of mittens that I could come up with in a year's time.  (tally as of today:  21)  It just gives me that thrilled feeling, that I'm making the world a warmer place for babies and kids.  

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