Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Practice

I'm back at it, working on what I *hope* to be my first finished sweater for myself.  I say finished, because I never finished my Ditto.  Around the holidays, I screwed up the ribbing a third time and the entire top needs to be ripped out.  Avoidance is my way of dealing with it's in a bag in my living room where it occasionally gets a peek and a reassuring pat that "Someday honey, you'll be a sweater."  Sigh.

I picked out a Spring Cardigan that's a very simple design, and ordered some cotton-silky blend from Knitpicks.  It's a raglan style sweater, which I've never done before.  I like the fact that there's no seaming at the end, anyone that says that they like finishwork at the end of a knitting project is either a sadist or lying.  :)

Anyhow, I've frogged twice so far, and I'm just too tired tonight to cast on again.  I apparently have issues when it comes to following two sets of instructions at once.  Trying to remember to increase stitches in the middle every other row, and one stitch on either end every fourth row isn't easy. (This is exactly why I had trouble with piano lessons as a kid...the right and left hand doing different things...tricky!)  Only a little cursing the second time, so I have that to be happy about.

The first time this happened, Will was in the room.  He's having a tough time with everything having to be "perfect," especially when it comes to drawing.  He loves to draw, but if he "messes up" he gets angry at himself.  Daddy and I told him that since he enjoys drawing, what matters is that he's having fun.  And if you have to draw it again, then what's that?  More drawing!  So....the first time I was frogging the sweater (ripping it back and turning it back into a ball of yarn for those of you not "in the know") I was all "look!  I get to knit it again!"  He was sleeping tonight and though Hubby suggested gently a repeat knit, I was more like "Look!  I screwed it all up again!"  :P  But now we'll just go ahead and say "Wow, good practice!  You're going to knit a kickass raglan someday!

Meanwhile, I'm petting my nineteen other skeins of wisteria colored cotton blend and whispering  "'ll be a sweater someday Honey.  And you're gonna be gorgeous!"

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