Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Words, Words, Words!

For awhile now, Sean's been speaking.  Most of it is indecipherable, but he clearly understands what we say, especially when it involves words like "Let's change your diaper!" or "Would you like some more banana?"  However, I had a conversation with my little man the other day.  I asked "How are you, buddy?" and he replied "Good!!"  and I said, "you sure?"  And he gave me an excited "Uh-huh, Mama!"  He's clearly got a lot to say, but suffers from second-child syndrome, whereas his big brother does most of his talking for him.  I've had to ask Will a few times recently, "Let Sean talk."  Once in a while he'll get a word in, "Mmmm good!" "Thanks." and once, "Blueberry."  And his favorite... "more!" 

And this boy...he can't wait for his turn to go to school!!  There's a lot of construction going on in our area, so the detour this morning led me to decide that Will was getting dropped off at school first for a change.  I scooped Sean up in the driveway and we all went into the school.  Once inside, one kid yelled "There's a baby!!" and we were surrounded by kids, all marveling at "Will's twin."  Yes it's true, they do look very much alike!  Sean beelined for the foam blocks, chattering away, leaving the director of the school to amazement as to how fast he is.  He sure is...once he sets his sights on something, he's off and running! 

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