Thursday, June 2, 2011

So Many Projects, So Little Time.....

Last weekend, I did the gage swatch for my sweater and it came out like this:

I know.  You, reader, are just as excited as I am.  :)

Then, I abandoned the sweater measurement-taking and winding of yarn.  Instead, I picked up "The Christine Bag." don't practice knitting a sweater by knitting a bag?  Weird.

Naahhhhhh......I picked this cute cabled bag to whip up as a birthday present for a good friend.  I'm using Lamb's Pride Bulky, colorway Amethyst.  It's going to be gorgeous when finished, though I am going to need some help when it comes to lining the bag.  The knitting's all finished as of tonight, all that's left to do is attaching wood handles and the liner.  Perfect for this friend's end-of-June birthday!  Deadline met...whoo hoo!

Speaking of deadlines, I'm driving myself a little crazy here.  It's not right that I'm feeling the Christmas burn.  I have so, so, SO many things that I want to make!  Not to mention now I know of not two, but three babies to knit for that are making their big debut this Fall!  :)  My head is spinning.  I am finishing up on a charity project in the next two weeks though...I have some more pink baby hats and a couple of blankets for Stitches from the Heart.  (It was really about demolishing the pink skein of yarn.   I made six hats out of it and STILL had yarn left.)

I should mention that as of tonight, I have knit 5.23 miles this year.  MILES.  That is about the distance from my house to my job.  If I let all the yarn I've gone through since 1/1/11 trail continuously in one line out of the back of my car, I could drive to work and make it into the parking lot with the yarn still flowing.  The total for the year last year was just over five miles.  What's the total going to be on 12/31/11?

I am definitely curious, and can't wait to find out.

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