Friday, June 3, 2011

A Discovery Day

Last Saturday, Hubby suggested we go out on an adventure, and take the kids out to a museum to get out of the house.  We ended up at the Children's Discovery Museums in Acton, MA.  What a fantastic place for kids!  
It's divided up into two houses that serve as the museums...the Children's Museum and the Science Museum.  At first I balked at the price of the tickets:  $10.50 each.  Including Sean.  But this was an adventure, and we'd already driven there.  And I am happy to report that Sean definitely got his money's worth on his ticket!  This was the coolest museum for kids their age.  

Sean was absolutely obsessed with their water table.  He loved splashing it with the toy nets, and laughing as he got Mom wet.  I dragged him away a couple of times so that we could go and see other exhibits, but he kept toddling back.  Definitely the favorite of the day.

Treehouse Will!  Will's favorite was the Jungle Room, with this Treehouse that had a slide as well.  Our little monkey sure loved climbing around!

Sean playing with magnetic blocks in the Baby Room.  This room was just for the babes, with mirrors on the ceiling, "indestructable books," a pile of soft dress-up clothes and these blocks.  One of his favorite things to do at home is to re-arrange what big magnets he can reach on the fridge, so these were a huge hit!

Daddy and Sean in a rowboat in the Ocean Room.  Pirate Will looks on, searching for treasure.

Why yes, that is Mommy, teaching Will how to use a hammer in the Science Museum.  We also got to use a C-clamp, a hand drill, screwdriver and level.  Sexy goggles, no?  Only after this photo was taken did they tell me that there were adult goggles on the top that were more attractive.  Ah well, makes for a funny picture.  And remember--safety first!

All in all, it was a wonderful day.  In between museums we had a delicious pizza lunch at Not Your Average Joe's, and Hubby treated me to a surprise trip to a fantastic yarn shop in the area.  He even kept the sleepy boys in the car while I went and browsed.  Will's been talking about this museum non-stop since our trip there.  We can't wait to take them there again someday.


adventures in rhode island said...

cool place! i keep meaning to check out a children's museum. making mental note to go to the providence one now.

asplashofsunshine said...

Make your own water table at home with a plastic storage container (like one for under the bed) and fill it with sand or bath toys, and just enough water to splash, but not enough to be dangerous. It's a perfect backyard activity on a hot day. That place looks like fun!

toastqueen said...

The Discovery Museum is cool. The science part is a little more advanced when we went (at 3) but loved the 1st house!